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Paul, IBIS is "In Body Image Stabilisation" and we are talking about the camera body. :-)
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2016 on Sentence: Back to Olympus at The Online Photographer
Having had a Sony A900 in the past and now having a Fujifilm X-T1 and X-Pro 1, I came to my own conclusion that the presence of the AA filter in the A900 and the inherent difficulty of getting autofocus to work consistently across a range of lenses even with micro focus adjustments, negated any benefit of the larger sensor of the A900. I found the consistent quality of the X series lenses the clincher. To start with I missed the IBIS, but the X zooms have excellent OIS and the primes are fast and don't need it. I don't miss the A900 and the extra weight and size at all now. The only Sony lens I really missed was the 135/1.8. Having said all that I will probably make a fool of myself and say that I feel that camera 2 is the Fujifilm. It seems the shadow noise and CA is less. In my defence I don't use PS for processing the Fujifilm files so the results may look different to what I normally see, instead I am using either Aperture for raw or accept the excellent OOC JPGs in some circumstances. Merry Christmas.
You have got some excellent advice about repositioning the router and using airport express for extending if necessary. Please don't use those horrid Powerline adaptors that send data over the house wiring. The mains wiring was never designed for high speed data. But even worse is the problem with them polluting the radio waves with interference as the mains wiring acts as an unintentional antenna, the radio interference is dreadful, making radio reception at Long Wave, Medium Wave, Short Wave and even VHF harder and harder. They are the invention of the devil, and should never have been allowed.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2015 on ThinkTank Bargain at The Online Photographer
In the same way as recorded music is still music whether it is a physical LP/CD or an MP3 file on an iPod, so the act of photography with a camera is the same whether the end result is a print/slide or an image on an LCD. You can call the end result by a different name, but photography is photography to me.
Mike I happen to have the X-Pro 1 and the X-T1 and the main difference I notice in the out of camera JPG (not RAW) is that at high ISO the detail just gets smeared in the X-T1, not so the X-Pro1. Apart from that all is good.
Thinking about it, I sometimes imagine that I have been harassed while taking photos in public places, but actually it is mainly in my own imagination, brought on by articles and comments read online like those above. I certainly have had heated discussions with my partner about my rights to take photos and her probably sensible reasons why sometimes having the right to do something is not the best course of action.
First time I have ever tried a Kickstarter project, so here's hoping! I am hoping to use it with an adaptor on my Fuji X-Pro 1.
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Jul 25, 2013