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David Atherton
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Hi Alex, Carl Minns is for the libertarian side of the Liberal Party and I have no doubt he is sincere. Unprompted has stated for example that he would not like the smoking ban extended to outside. "They argue that copying proposals for a zero tolerance approach in New York is the only way to tackle Hull's high rates of cigarette-related health problems, But Councillor Minns says he will never back the idea, claiming it would erode people's civil liberties. And he has ruled out the prospect of support from the council, which would have to enforce any ban."
According to Labour's Liam Byrne we are £2 trillion in the hole. Sacking these people would be a start. "Rather than deal with such incompetence, the state's solution is to dole out much greater powers to the same types of incompetent people, over the lives of a far wider sector of society." Hear, hear, hear.
Let me quote Dr. Jerome Arnett a Pulmonologist. Do you think the government and the alchemists in the anti tobacco industry are taking you for fools and possibly risking your health? "The abuse of scientific integrity and the generation of faulty “scientific” outcomes (through the use of pseudo-science) have led to deception of the American public on a grand scale, and to draconian government over-regulation and the squandering of public monies. Millions of dollars have been spent promoting SHS as a killer and more millions of dollars have been spent by businesses in order to comply with thousands of highly restrictive bans, while personal choice and freedom have been denied to millions of smokers. Finally, all this has diverted resources away from discovering the true cause(s) of lung cancer in non-smokers. "
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Feb 13, 2010