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The main conclusion that the author came up with involved the link “[…] that higher educational attainment can lead to both higher earnings and a greater likelihood of marital stability.” However, the majority of the comments posted by other readers were unable to see the big picture set forth by the author. Many of the comments seemed to center around the comment that married women make more money than unmarried women, therefore, if a women is going to make it the world, she should get married (and consequently get a raise?) Although the author did not explicitly make this claim, I think that a more sociologically sound justification for this difference involves the population of women that get married (and stay married) rather than the act of marriage in and of itself. Specifically, it seems that the data points to the fact that perhaps married women make more money that unmarried women because they are more marketable and better educated (or more marketable because of their higher education). These individuals were going to make the same amount of money whether or not they were married, however due to their increased education and social status, they tend to get married more often than poor uneducated women.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2010 on Men and Marriage at Everyday Sociology Blog
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Nov 3, 2010