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David Clark
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I certainly have not commented under Wired (which is what Wired In was once called). It would appear that we have a case of 'identity theft', someone pertaining to be Wired, but not actually one of us. This is concerning. Deirdre's detective work has revealed that the IP address for the so-called "wired" comment is the same as that for the comment posted by Jon Hibbs of the NTA. Whilst this does not show that Jon submitted the "wired" comment, it is suggestive that the comment came from someone within the NTA, which is of further concern. Presumably, it is of concern to the NTA also. Let me be clear about what was written in the so-called "wired" comment. [By the way, I never spell Wired with a small w] I strongly believe that we do NOT have a balanced treatment system, contrary to what was stated in the comment. Professor David Clark, Director of Wired In
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Jun 30, 2011