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Apples and Oranges Only the healthiest could get those rates pre-ACA. Anyone can get coverage now. No underwriting. One of the main successes of ACA, a system that allows everyone to get coverage not those lucky enough to be healthy enough.
Sorry for not getting back to this sooner. Long Weekend. So, where are we? Joe pines back to a day that doesn't exist anymore. A time when health care was, well simple. Now we have CAT scans and drugs that cost thousands of dollars per month along with surgeries not imagined 50 years ago. Hard to manage health care like it was 50 years ago, when it is nothing like 50 years ago. Bubba keeps copying and pasting. When Mary Johnson shows up it turns into a pity party. Ugh.
More copy and paste from Bubba from dubious sources. Show me one country where the free market works in providing affordable and efficient healthcare?
We have been trying to get away from fee for service in health care for 30 years. Managing care provides better care for less. Or I can pay you in eggs or collards? Your choice.
Accountable Care Organizations. That sounds like a conservative idea. Voluntarily grouping providers together to coordinate and deliver better care at lower cost. Free markets working together. Beats the current bill for service which is bankrupting this country. I guess I could just pay you with eggs?
Great eye in combining the stops lights with the house. How far out on Church is the smallest house? Have you ever had a person as a focal point in a shot? Keep up the great work.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2013 on House on Church at Greensboro Daily Photo