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Instant Watching does not work with Hughesnet's basic service because of the "Fair Access Policy." After you've downloaded a certain amount and reached a threshold, your download rate drops dramaticall--to a crawl, really--for up to 24 hours. Practically, this means that you can start watching a movie, but partway through, you'll reach your limit and service comes to a screeching halt. (I've tried.) The threshold at which this happens varies, depending on level of service: "Home" ($59.99) Threshold = 200 MB "Pro" ($69.99) 375 MB "ProPlus" ($79.99) 425 MB I only have "home" service so I don't know if you could watch an entire film with higher levels of service.
I think the only Netflix movie I've ever turned off was "Sin City." I'm not queasy about violence on the screen but this was just plain silly. Terrible "story," endlessly gratuitous violence. Just pointless. All surface, no substance. I don't care what the critics say.
I don't care either way about half-star ratings. However, I really disliked the fact that some time ago Netflix changed the meaning of the star ratings. They used to have a "just okay" middle rating (3 stars) but changed it to mean "liked it." This effectively skews the ratings upwards by creating unbalanced options (2 options express a negative response, 3 options are positive). This violates a basic tenet of good survey design which calls for a neutral middle value (as in "don't know," "not sure," etc.) As a user, "just okay" was a very useful category to have.
Alas, my streak has ended at six. Yesterday's mail brought a disk with the usual Richmond return envelope. Still, this is one for the record books, isn't it?