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David Dugan
Graphic Designer. Photographer.
Recent Activity
Thanks Krissy... it will be great to have the features of the web app rolled into the App Store version. The new app is very nicely crafted. Six Apart obviously "gets" the iPhone!
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You say the native app has all the capabilties of the web app, but I can't find anywhere in the native iPhone app that allows you to monitor comments or stats, or edit previously published posts. Am I missing something?
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I was pleasantly surpised when I added the TypePad app to my iPhone home screen yesterday to see that you guys had jumped on the new icon so quickly. Good work! I'm loving the iPhone integration you guys have developed with TypePad and Movable Type. I would also add that (via Daring Fireball) there's a consensus that the icon will actually look better and sharper on the iPhone if you make it at 60x60 pixels instead of 57x57, and let the iPhone downsample it.
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