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@Abbabakar "can you import kopete logs, contacts. Short answer, no. We haven't even got our own logs sorted out, let alone importing others. We're set to have ours sorted for next release, but merging from Kopete is a _lot) more difficult than it sounds. As for "importing contacts", they're mostly stored on the server. Add the account again and you'll get your contacts. There's not much for us to do here.
Aww, we don't suck! We rock and you know it.
Am I reading this properly. Have you redirected the Akonadi feeders to go straight to nepomuk? i.e does it go Akonadi Feeder -> Akonadi-> Magic -> Nepomuk. or Akonadi Feeder -> Nepomuk Is libperson going to have GUI components? It would be cool (from a KDE TP POV) to load a common window for editing people, and have this the same in KMail too. How does libperson relate/interact with our person classes/model in kde-telepathy (the lib). Maybe this is a topic for the sprint. Do you have the Akonadi Facebook feeder? Does it auto-link to our facebook accounts from Tp?
@whoeverposted above There are tonnes of missing features, if that's all you noticed, I think we've done alright :) Blocking code is there, but commented out, there was some weird technical reason that I'm hoping to sort out for 0.2. As for a TODO list if you read my post on our ML that covers my personal goals of things to sort out. Discuss there if you disagree. Priority is mostly based around on what any of the developers find annoying, because we're users too.
@Todd "Ideally, I'd prefer to be able to start it from the presence applet, so that I don't have duplicate icons in the tray. Thanks again and keep the good work!" We're doing that. @Dimitar, Venky RE: Akonadi. There are plans, they've been there since the project started. However they've been holding the project up, so it's being 'postponed' from the first release. This may help explain the overall plan/goals: @Blog Using Kopete code directly is very difficult, it's very tied into the backend they had, which we need to replace. By the time we've swapped it out to use telepathy we'll have spent so much time we may as well have rewritten it, and we end up with messier code from having gone through conversions. Right now, nothing in the UI is fixed, there's lots of good/new ideas floating around, and all crossed with a sense of "let's get something released" so people can see what we're going for. Animations: Yeah, that'd be cool. Auto hiding/resizing: I think we have that Plugins: This is an interesting one. Telepathy itself makes a lot of plugins redundant. If someone wanted to do web-presence, they can hook into telepathy directly and find out your status. There's no point building it into the contact list. The other plugins you mention are actually about the chat interface rather than the contact list - and even though it will act seemlessly this is a completely separate application. Join our Mailing List, I would be very interested in hearing what plugins/features people actually use, and working out what we can do to accommodate these needs. Though the answer will almost certainly be "not in the first release" The hard part that Martin's post is covering is taking all the information from telepathy and building a Qt Model which is grouped by the groups on the remote contacts. With this in place, and proper model->view code, rewriting the UI is comparatively easy.
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Apr 16, 2011