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Hi John, I've delivered a half day ministerial briefing for the PRC government. It was good to see that the senior minister brought along his 21 regional public sector CIOs. It's a model that I've seen before in Finland and one that fits well with the regional IT service centres that I advocated for the UK a decade ago. It was notable that the minister and CIOs clearly understood both the business and the technology. Chicken or egg? Neither. Customer first! You have to commit to both as part of a customer focus. The IM model becomes part of the justification for the OD. Each is dependent upon the other. The customer perspective should drive everything that you do. That means breaking down departmental thiefdoms, as well as their silos, and having an organisational structure that meets the customer focus. It's difficult to deliver in the UK because ministers climbing the slippery pole are not keen on long term projects. I get three hours for a ministerial briefing in China and three minutes in the UK. The bigger stumbling block in the UK is the suppliers who will kick, scream and lobby because they well understand that chaos is more profitable.
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I agree with large parts of your article but there is one overriding concern that I have with government thinking both past and present: none of the models I've seen start by putting the citizen at the centre of the information management model. For as long as the departmental tinkering continues, real transformational cost cutting and service improvement will remain hamstrung by the information delivery mechanism. TADAG (2014) is a new model for information management and security that puts the customer at the centre, whilst enabling an inherent flexibility that is required to enable true transformation. Designed for both banks and government, TADAG poses a real threat to the revenue streams of major IT suppliers. Until government deals with the commercial prerogative, with its attendant, linked party political donations, true transformation will remain a pipe dream.
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Oct 18, 2014