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Awesome news, and well deserved, David.
David Esrati, you make some good points, though I'd disagree on Facebook ads being intrusive. I'm sure you meant that they are placed in a social forum rather than catching you during a search-and-shop experience. But in terms of actual content disruption, Google's ad units are (currently) far worse. I had a chat recently with Google's ad team about their newer units recently, and each seemed to intercept you from reading or watching the content you actually wanted. That said, I'm not championing one over the other. I just think intrusiveness comes in many different flavors. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.
Thanks, Ron. Was actually preparing an update (now live) to clarify the issue. Thanks for pointing it out!
Jason, thanks for sharing the link, but looks like that was from a year ago. Maybe the plans to launch Places without Foursquare didn't go quite as hoped?
@Joseph You raise some interesting points, but I'm going to have to disagree. Deleting comments is an unfortunate fact of life for businesses of all sizes. A policy of leaving all comments intact could expose a company to liability issues and create a negative customer experience for your actual consumers. (Just as it would be bad business for you to let someone scream obscenities and death threats in the middle of your store without having security escort them out.)
Good points, Gerard. While I might stop short of turning off all commenting (depending on the intensity of the attack), I should also have included that page admins: 1. Add the attackers' more incendiary terms ("dead babies", etc.) to the Page's moderation blocklist 2. Disable "Expand comments on stories" so that fans aren't subjected to seeing all the negative, unrelated posts in the comments field of Page updates.
Thanks for the feedback, guys. @Lincoln, you make a good point, but I think a better metaphor might be to look at Google launching Chrome. IE is an inferior product, one that Firefox quickly and consistently surpassed. In the case of location-based apps, though, Facebook created a new offering to compete with the upstarts, more like Google leveraging its massive reach and resources to roll out Chrome. And as you both mention, yes, Foursquare is a great tool for consumers — but I can't say I foresee it becoming a primary channel for marketers anytime soon.
@PCFO Marketing - the avatars are some TypePad-generated wonkiness. We're currently switching over to WordPress, so I haven't bothered to upgrade the commenting system. Hope to start streamlining that soon once the new design is live. Thanks for the feedback, all. Glad to hear it was a helpful post.
@Jacki - No, you would just need to click the "X" on the new photos in the photostrip to hide them, then your old photos will re-emerge.
Isaac, it's pretty simple, as long as you realize that the five photos will always rotate randomly. Just create a new album and upload your five horizontal images. When you save changes, select "Skip" instead of "Publish." That'll ensure the photos get posted to your Page's photostrip, but not pushed out to fans as an update.
@Lynn - You can't really "select" which ones to feature. Just have to keep hiding ones you don't want until you like the picks. And yes, it's constantly rotating the order of the five, which is truly annoying when you're trying to select your five.
@jami, @tracy swanson and @janet- Yep, the new "Everyone" setting on wall posts isn't purely chronological. It's more like your personal News feed, which doesn't seem to be going over well with most admins. @Melissa Hourigan - If you're talking about tab apps, yes, they should move to the left-side navigation on the Page. Let me know if they don't! @melanie nelson - Interesting point. I don't use the toolbar, but I'm glad you pointed that out. Thanks! @Louise - Are you sure you're not just seeing the admin view, which always shows the admin list? Try viewing your page after logging out of Facebook and see if the admin list is still visible. @Anne - Sorry, I don't think they've enabled name changing for Pages after the initial growth stage. Hopefully that'll change, because you're definitely not alone. @Katie Huebschen - Uhhhhh.....sorry, haven't seen that. Have you tried closing the browser and trying again? Might be a caching issue? (And I'm totally making this answer up as I go.)
@Adrian, thanks so much. You're absolutely right. "Share with Friends" is available on the right-side nav with Insights. Still admin-only.
Thanks so much for the great feedback, everyone. I'll attempt to answers some questions: @Kris Cain - Yes, e-mail notifications do seem wonky. I seem to only get every other comment or so. Also, the post-order issue you noticed is an attempt to make the "Everyone" comment feed on a Page seem more like your personal News feed, with highlighted/popular posts up top. I'm not in love with it, but I see the point. @kelly - Sorry, I haven't played with mobile e-mail photo uploads for Pages. Let me know what you find, though! @ArieRich - The custom URLs for Pages have been around a while, but they've slowly opened up the option to Pages with smaller audiences. The minimum is now something like 30 Likes. @Jason and @Lori - "Suggest to Friends" was quietly discontinued in January, before the redesign launched. You could still do it as an admin, but even that seems gone now. Facebook likely wants you to use "Share," which allows you to send as a direct message. Pretty different process, though. I guess they were trying to make it less spammy and more personalized. @Sam Collier - I don't think you have to ditch Static FBML tabs, since not a whole lot was "lost in the fire." But if you had a new one in the works, yeah definitely iframe all the way. Thanks again, all.
Ike, thanks for the comment. And I should note that you did a good job (on short notice) moderating that panel I was on with Brian Cauble and Scott Schablow. I think one of the biggest takeaways from this discussion is that panels live and die by their moderators. But it's hard to identify or get really jazzed about a "great moderator," so planners tend to pick industry presenters who will be familiar with the topic. Thanks to everyone else for their thoughtful feedback, as well. Seems it struck a chord, and I hope this didn't come off as a diatribe against panels. There are definitely pros and cons, and we've seen great descriptions of both here.
Justin, you raise a good point that "success" is also specific to each business' culture. Edgier companies won't mind pissing people off, while blue-chips will always want to see sales over buzz, etc. C.C., I really appreciate you giving the inside perspective on this specific project -- not to mention helping share the stats in the first place. There aren't many agencies that would voluntarily offer up so much data on a recent project, something the budget-questioners didn't seem to appreciate.
Thanks for the great comments guys. Wade, that's a great resource. Have to admit I hadn't seen it before, but I'll be sure to check it out. Matt, the quantity-on-panel issue is a good one. I really enjoy two-person panels, even though they seem awkward structurally. The "Blogging through grief and loss" session at Type-A Mom Con recently was one of the best I'd ever seen, largely due to the fact that the two-person structure gave both presenters (@AnissaMayhew and @prairiemama) plenty of time to talk candidly without worrying about the clock. Also, the moderation by @cecilyk was spot-on. Corey, I do like a mix of panels and presenters, but I would love to see it start becoming a bit more balanced. Panels seem to be the overwhelming option these days. David B., great points as always, and I'm really glad you chimed in. You're right that one of the major faults of panels is the light amount of prep and effort the panelists are asked to put into it. Supporting information (slides, etc.) are usually left by the wayside too because squeezing them in can feel awkward and forced. So you're left with, essentially, the conference equivalent of an op-ed page.
Kacy, thanks for the comment. I can see your point, but I still feel it's a pretty valid comparison. Not so much Apples to Oranges as it is Apples to Wax Apples.
Thanks for all the great comments, everyone. Andrea, you bring up a great point about duplication of capability between in-store equipment and smart phones. In fact, it makes you wonder if the digital display from Intel could just be an augmented reality app on your phone.
Allan, just be sure to put the link to your official brand page at the "Official Facebook Page" link on each related Community Page. Also, make sure to mention the full name of your organization in the info box on the left-side rail of your Page. That seems to help with the SEO.
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm definitely not jonesing to criticize Facebook, whose team has always been a pleasure to work with. And I can see some potential benefit of Community Pages for wide-ranging topics that aren't tied to a brand. But I think Facebook missed a chance to improve Groups by giving them the ability to push updates out to news streams. Instead, the Community Pages duplicate content in a largely unmoderated way. Thankfully, I'm guessing that these duplicate and brand-diluting Community Pages will slowly get ironed out. But Facebook should still pursue improvements in its home-page search function.
It's OK, Steve. We're downright interchangeable. Thanks for the feedback!
Thanks so much for the tremendously warm feedback, everyone. While I wasn't writing with an audience of mom bloggers in mind (I figure you guys are already tired of talking about this), it's great to hear that I did it right by you guys. Thanks again.
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Mar 15, 2010
Denzil, that's a good point, and to be honest, I didn't know Safari offered that as a built-in feature. I use and its Firefox plugin for bookmarking, though I use it quite differently than I use my "real" bookmarks. (ie, I use Delicious for cool articles and such, not for my e-mail, blog home page, etc.) Thanks for the feedback!