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Countryfile Bias I wonder how many viewers, apart from myself, were taken aback at the biased implication by a presenter on Countryfile, Sunday 23rd September 2011? We were shown a Welsh farmer being interviewed about the possibility of electricity pylons crossing the beautiful Powys countryside and being asked why he objected to pylons on his door-step. This question alone would have been innocent enough, but not the other questions such as, “How do you expect electricity to reach your home ?" and "How do you expect to get electricity to where it is needed?" The implication being that Wales and the rest of the UK need hundreds and hundreds of more pylons and power routes to get electricity to our homes, which of course is utter nonsense! Some of the existing Grid towers and cable might need maintenance, upgrading etc., but there is no intelligent reason to turn the countryside into a huge web of power lines! Indeed, the fundamental reason for additional power routes and pylons is to get the sporadic energy generated from ineffective wind farms to an already existing Grid. To be sure, how did this silly presenter think our lights come on at the the power coming through the air? And why did this presenter mention wind and nuclear power in the same breath, when they are worlds apart in every sense...was he hoping viewers would think that wind farms produce the same (by magnitude), uninterrupted power as a nuclear power station? Then he had the gall to talk of Nimbyism to a Welsh farmer when Wales already exports large quantities of power to England, not to mention the building of a new 2000MW gas-fired power station in Pembrokeshire and a 800 MW power station in Uskmouth...who does this ill-informed and biased Countryfile presenter think will use all this power...Wales is awash with electricity? As far as I am concerned this programme is fast losing its credibility.
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Oct 24, 2011