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Marx, a Jew, said the solution to the Jewish Problem, was to kill all the Jews. Buck Ofama is a Marxist. American and Euro socialists have long been angry with America because the CIA helped depose a socialist dictator elected in Iran in 1953. He was replaced with the Shah. The Left is now doing restitution with Buck Ofama's sanctions deal. They waited a long time for this. The Left is also caught up in Liberation Theology and any dictator who spouts Marxist slogans will get their help and support. Khameni is recipient of the support of Marxists doing Liberation Theology. The mullahs who deposed the Shah, who was US installed and backed, hence the Ayatollahs are necessarily good guys. Ergo, Buck Ofama and co. help them and pay restitution by unfreezing assets and dropping sanctions. The same theory explains why Buck Ofama hates the Israelis.
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A heavy water factory has but one use, plutonium. Plutonium has but one use, bombs. So will Net and the boys send in 633 Squadron? I don't think so. Too bought and paid for by Yankee dollars.
Pamela feels used and betrayed and for good reason. As for the rest of us remember the first wave ashore takes heavy casualties. "Slap some bacon on a biscuit and move out! You're burning daylight!" There's a war to fight. I advise all to not get caught up in personnel issues in organizations. It is not about individuals and their problems. Some things are a whole lot bigger and more important than our little personal problems. Quote from John Wayne.
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All Vlad needs to complete his fashion look is a tattoo of Raider Nation. Go Vlad, Go Raiders!
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No Fern, you will reap what they sow. Remember, the world is turned upside down.
Russia has announced that an attack on Syria by US will be considered an attack on Russia.An attack on Arabia will include destruction of oil refineries and pipelines and oil fields. Try $200/barrel for oil. Syria has not attacked America. It is aggression by US to attack Syria. You don't get to attack Iran without Russia and China attacking you. Russia and China keep issuing warnings. Do you want a Russian ICBM down on your city? For what? This is madness. All led by an incompetent and a liar. Shades of August, 1914, and you are in the role of Germany.
Russia has issued orders for massive attack on Saudi Arabia if US attacks Syria. Armed forces put on Large Scale War readiness.
Who will stops this tyrant? Russia, China and Iran. God save Putin.
I'd say it is Egypt's baby. Obama is a dumb-ass, though. Blame the Moslem Brotherhood.
Where's Kitchener when we need him?
Captain, the Wogs are massing for an attack!
This story is old news. Moros have been attacking non-Moslems for generations in the P.I. It is called "running amok."
Not a problem. Have you had any kids? I have two teenage boys.
Excellent! Another savage bites the dust. Let the war continue.
Years back my Malaysian moslem mother-in-law won the state title of Perak in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. The family has a large picture of her in swimsuit and title sash on the wall in the living room. Go figure. Two of the girls look Eurasian to me, common down there.
You one tough mama grizzly. Glad you're on our side.
He's afraid, I mean, what else could you conclude. He fears conflict and takes comfort in being polite and nice to evil. It makes him feel it isn't real or threatening. He's the kind of man who never wore a uniform or played demanding, physical sports; in short, a wimp. Intellectuals usually have that back ground.
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Pipes is nuts. He should read the Koran.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2013 on Pipes is Tolerated, Geller is Not at Atlas Shrugs
America does need a new enemy. When do the bombers take off?
If they didn't call you names they would be speechless. Hittin' 'em where they hurt. Fire at will!
Toggle Commented Apr 9, 2013 on 'Journalism' in the 21st Century at Atlas Shrugs
Vaya con dios, Annette. Once a fan.
Read the works of Bastiat in high school as self-assigned reading. He was a great wit, eloquent, and made economics easy, the Shakespeare of economics.
Southern Thailand is conquered and occupied land. When the invaders leave the attacks will stop. The five northern Malay kingdoms demand their rightful independence back. Until the Siamese leave and take their oppression with them the violence will continue. I once was dating a Siamese woman. She took a holiday to the South. She rented a motel room. The owner advised her to leave and go back to the north in the morning. He said she was not welcome there nor safe. He was Malay. She left and went back to the north. This was years ago. In earlier times the hated conquerors were asked to leave. Didn't work. Now they simply kill them. In time I imagine foreign powers will start assisting the Malays in getting independence back and then you will really see some casualty lists. Imagine if Israel was captured and occupied for 190 years by Arabs. I imagine a Jewish underground would be active. What is happening in conquered Malaysia is not Jihad. It is a growing war for independence and is entirely justified. This blog declines to state the historical facts and history of the region and expose Siamese evil. Malays are the most laid back, and mellowed out Muslims in the world. It has taken generations of oppression to get them fighting mad.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2012 on Violent Jihad in Thailand at Atlas Shrugs
You have to hand it the Iranian imams. After all, they've cured obesity. Let's give credit where credit is due.
Another photo essay on why they call it the Religion of Pieces. A hand there, a liver there, here a leg there an arm, pretty soon you've got a verse from the Koran.