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Excellent article, Roger. It is short, hits the key points and is in clear English. Thank you and congratulations. The centre, the right and all those who love Britain and freedom really do need to come together to push back against this hideous destruction of our culture and ultimately, if it continues, our nation. It is precisely because the Conservative Party, under Cameron, has been conquered by this destructive, ultimately Marxist derived thinking that I, as a life long committed patriot, and also Christian, migrated to Ukip. The centre and the right is in desperate need of a leader who can unite the vast numbers of fair minded, clear thinking people out there who are totally frustrated with the surrender of our values and way of life to these destructive forces.
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Good article, clear and to the point. One of the main reasons I am against the EU ,and its dreadful freedom destroying court, is because the freedoms encouraged by Christianity ( all are equal under God ), articulated by the Enlightenment, put into use by the American Constitution and then reflected in our own gradualist way here in the UK, is because it imposes false freedoms, a freedom imposed from above, and whose boundaries are set by a vague law containing, amongst other things, the three axioms rehearsed above in the article. These ECHR laws tell you what to think and how to think, it is not freedom at all, just state organized discourse, within their parameters. It will extinguish all true free thinking and suppress the Judaeo-Christian tradition, which ultimately, at cultural depth, is what our western society owes a great debt to, and is based upon. It will be a dead hand slowly throttling our culture. I want us to get away from this dreadful court, which started well, but the experiment has failed.
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A comedy act indeed. He is trying to frighten people. It is a preposterous claim. For many decades during the cold war it was NATO, our armaments and our resolve that kept us safe and free. And in the future it will be the same. He is playing on peoples' ignorance of history and sadly, there's a lot of that about. Someone, Nigel ? , needs to challenge this nonsense.
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Nov 14, 2012