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Are you suggesting that my comments were not supportive of management's actions? I wasn't politicizing management's or the Board's decision in any way; rather, I was lamenting that some have become polarized along political lines on the issue of wearing a mask. Keep in mind that though I take a back seat to no one in this community in reporting SCA news factually and accurately, a blog by definition represents the viewpoints of its owner. My long-time readers know that I take great pains to separate news reports from my personal opinions, identifying the latter as editorial commentary and usually publishing them in red. Facts can be corrected, but opinions belong to the person expressing them. That is why I clearly stated in my editor's commentary that my opinions on this subject might not please everyone. But if your main premise is that adding my opinion somehow diluted the message from the Association, then I would disagree. You and I have already had one long telephone discussion, and I would respectfully suggest that after a certain point when we are no longer discussing the subject matter itself but rather how I handled it, i.e., form vs substance, further conversation would best be taken offline.
Shawn Hicks: Something for you to think about -- The fact that I REFERENCED the politicization of the Covid issue, particularly as it applies to the wearing of masks, is not politicized conjecture on my part; it is a FACT, commented on by many journalists. It is indisputable that the percentage of mask-wearing until now is significantly higher among one faction vs. another faction. If you have data that disagrees with that point, I'd be happy to see it. In commenting on the dichotomy over this issue, I WAS NOT making a political statement.
I understand your angst, Linda. Maybe, just maybe, with Dick Arendt not runnng his blog and Dan Roberts unable to attend meetings becuase he is not a homeowner, things will quiet down. My emphasis will continue to be, as always, on reporting significant SCA news as it happens, as objectively as I can. The current Board is, in my opinion, a pretty good group. It has members on it whom I have supported and not supported when they ran for election, but I think all of them are positioned to do well. Remember that a number of the current directors were supported by others than me, and for them to have acted unamimously on the actions they took tells me they must have had some valid reasons.
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Yes, it did cost the Association -meaning you, me and every other member- a lot of money. I have a request in for the monetary details and will share that information when it is received. It is in the five-figure range, I believe, meaning more than $10,000 and less than $100,000. The primary component of the settlement was the apology letter from the Board, signed by Rana Goodman. I published it previously on this blog, but I view it as the primary component because it vindicated the AAHC and also gave specific information about what Ms. Goodman, in particular, did wrong. Throughout the process, I kept a low profile on the issue and wrote very little about it while the settlement discussions were underway. Mr. Arendt incorrectly states that I am an officer of the AAHC, which I never have been, and I was not involved in the negotiations leading to the settlement. At that point, I thought everything was concluded and we could move on, but Dan Roberts and Arendt have refused to let that happen. The problem Roberts has is that due to his relationship with Rana, he feels that political outcomes related to her Board membership, if not favorable to her individually, require him to take steps that he believes are protective of her, when in fact they are having the oppposite effect. While I am not privy to any details about why Rana will apparently be removed as Board President at tomorrow's Board meeting, it wouldn't surprise me if the catalyst, or final straw if you will, was Mr. Roberts' use of Rana's blog -which he now claims to own- to attack the process that had already been concluded with her signing of the apology letter.
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Jim H: Though I don't understand their thinking on this, the SCA Board has indicated that it will not be informing the community of the outcome in any official manner. But the settlement the Board made with the club expressly acknowledges that anyone else can communicate the information as they see fit. After initially reporting on the controversy several months ago, I deliberately kept a low profile until the resolution was reached, and only after that did I feel free to report on it.
Sharon, I could not agree with you more. There has been a wonderful outpouring of support for the club in the form of messages the club received and emails sent to me after publication of this article. Mr. Arendt's only response to date has been to celebrate the good deeds done by Ms. Goodman, Mr. Wong and Mr. Fetherolf for the benefit of the community. One has nothing to do with the other. I have worked with both Rana and Charlie Wong over the years to support projects near and dear to them, but it is irrelevant to their involvement in the AAHC matter. Mr. Arendt recently celebrated the fact that the services of SCA's new independent auditor will cost $4,000 less than we paid the previous auditing firm. But it is largely because of Mr. Arendt's involvement in the AAHC controversy, which he is substantially responsible for causing, that it has cost the Association -meaning YOU- more than that.
Gigi, I can't imagine what you mean by "we just looked for it." The news about this showing of "Black Panther" with Chadwick Boseman has been published by more sources than I can keep track of. The showing is from 8 p.m. to 10:20 p.m. Here, to use just one of many examples, is the notice from "Variety". -- "The Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios will pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman tonight with a special commercial-free airing of “Black Panther” on ABC, followed by a special examining the actor’s life and work."
I've received several expressions of concern, Ray. Fear not, everything is OK. I've been spending an inordinate amount of time writing and distributing my political newsletter, but should be picking things up this week.
Legalities aside, which will be decided by a court, the whole business of mail-in vs in-person voting does seem to be a Republican vs Democrat thing. A Politico Morning Consult poll released this week shows that 65% of Democrats prefer to vote by mail and 32% prefer to vote in person, while 68% of Republicans prefer to vote in person and 29% prefer to vote by mail. From what I've read, this concerns Republicans because the fears surrounding the adequacy of voting by mail might deter Republicans from voting at all.
The first thing to know about "ballot harvesting" is that while the term has come into popular use, it is not a legal term. All the definitions I was able to research describe it as the practice of collecting filled-out ballots and submitting them by one method or another for eventual counting. None of the definitions refer to the person collecting the ballots as being the one who fills them out, as this is the voter's responsibility, There WAS a case of fraud involving this practice during the last election cycle in North Carolina, which resulted in charges against the Republican operative who committed the acts.
As Sharon Bunker implies, there is some level of hypocrisy in attacking one state's mail-in voting plans while praising or tactily condoning mail-in voting in other states. In general, some groups and individuals are consistent in their inconsistency on the subject of states' rights, supporting the concept in some cases and ignoring the concept in others. Going into this year's election cycle, five states already had well-established, programs under which almost all voting is done by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah. And statistics show that in virtually all cases, voter turnout is significantly higher in states with broad early voting programs. May THAT is what bothers some people. Beyond these general observations, I am confining my political commentary to my private newsletter.
The problem, Raymond, is that many people who appear to be asymptomatic and showing no signs of infection may be Covid-19 positive before they even know they have it. Testing allows for the possibility of identifying such people and getting them quarantined before they have a chance to infect others with the invisible virus.
The next shredder truck visit will be Wednesday, August 12, from 6 to 10 a.m.
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From the Internet, Ray: "An asymptomatic laboratory-confirmed case is a person infected with COVID-19 who does not develop symptoms. Asymptomatic transmission refers to transmission of the virus from a person who does not develop symptoms." Besides, who doesn't like having a swab stuck way up into his nostril?
Just an educated guess on my part: I am certain the short answer is NO. For one thing, SCA is not going to receive any results. The Association is just acting as a facilitator for the testing. I think it will take a period of days for those who are tested to receive their results, and they will be confidential for each person, I think. BUT -- Official agencies can probably release general statistics; I can't imagine, however, any way that the HOA would have them. If someone in the loop knows differently, perhaps we'll be told.
I have heard that, Linda, but there IS an exception to his rule that his contributors have to agree with him. He will allow comments sent to him for publication -you can't post directly without his permission- if they disagree with him, but only for the purpose of ripping that person apart with his response. The folks with communications channels serving SCA residents have their own respective policies. Ron Johnson's newsletter is not really a blog because it doesn't include online interactions with his readers. Rana Goodman's blog requires that you be registered with her in order to be able to post comments, if I'm not mistaken. Dick Arendt's blog requires that coments be sent to him and he will decide whether or not to publish them. For better or worse, my blog has no such restrictions. Only two or three readers are blocked due to their past bad behavior. Anyone can post comments with only the most benign limitations, and I work hard to not engage in stressful debates, though there are many comments I'm not happy with. I usually ask myself, "Do I really need to respond to this comment?" and I try to not make it so much about me as about encouraging readers to share their personal views. I'm not perfect, but I do try hard.
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LOL, Gerry! I had to look twice at what you are referring to. She obviously meant to say "flesh," but I really don't have any right or authority to edit the report. I'm going to try putting together an Ikea bookcase, which I hear is a real challenge, so that I can qualify as a SCA construction expert.
Marty, I'm pleased that you took the time to write so respectfully, informatively and thoroughly on the subject. Thank you for doing so. That's what I like about the "conversations" we can have on my blog. I expect your knowledge of police history is as good as, or most likely better, than mine. Accordingly, I assume you know that the history of policing in America is not a one-size-fits-all narrative. For the benefit of our readers, it has to be noted that in the Southern states, most of the police entities were known as "slave patrols," and that's the darker side of policing that plays into the interactions of police with African Americans over the decades.
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KWong, I appreciate your comments, but the problem during the mask-only period is not that people don't have masks, but that they refuse to wear them after entering the Fitness Center. I think everyone arrives wearing a mask, because a monitor is stationed at the entrance during the two-hour period to require that only mask-wearers can enter. It's what they do AFTER entering that is causing the problem. As for the other 10 hours of the day, mask-wearing at this time cannot be mandated, though it is recommended for everyone, becuase it is optional during those hours.
The question, John, is what is a "club purpose"? For African Americans, it is probably next to impossible to have private -or even public- conversations about the group's heritage without them having a "political" overtone. In addition, if clubs are to be prohibited from engaging in private exchanges of emails among their membership about issues of the day, then we are sliding into the risky realm of making SUBJECTIVE judgments that prevent the uniform application of standards. For example: Are we to say that members of the Chinese Heritage Club could not receive internal emails expressing opinions about China's suppression of its Uighers, or the turmoil occurring in Hong Kong? Are we to say that members of the Filipiana Club could not receive internal emails expressing judgments about the dictatorial leadership of President Duarte? Are we to say that members of the Havurah Club could not receive internal emails discussing the statistically documented rise of anti-Semitism in America? Are we to say that members of the Italian Club could not receive internal emails expressing opinions about how Italy responded to the Covid-19 crisis? These are matters best left to the clubs and their memberships to decide.
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Thank you for your comments, Linda. Several people wrote to me over the few days that the mask-only rule for a mere two hours has provided a platform for Forrest to show residents that he's his own boss and doesn't care about being a good neighbor to his fellow fitness visitors. If the two-hour window were shifted to a different schedule, my familiarity with Forrest is such that I would expect him to time his own visits to coincide with the new schedule. At the moment, the policy doesn't have teeth, but I'm hopeful the Board will make it an enforceable rule with some reasonable penalties for violations. I can't say what the prospects are for this. Forrest seems to have the Board President's ear, so that would probably carry a lot of weight.
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Margy, thank you for sharing such lovely sentiments. It's a shame that during such a stressful and hurtful time, what's missing on the part of some is good old-fashioned empathy.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2020 on Racism? Bigotry? at David's Anthem Journal
Marty, did I attack Forrest's service as a cop? Methinks you doth protest too much. I'm leaving it to my readers to decide if having been a cop influences his behavior in SCA. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. I almost wish he hadn't withdrawn as a Board candidate this year, because I had plenty to say about him which is no longer relevant to his private life. Trust me, Marty, Forrest knows me well and I know him well. He can take care of himself. Just the other day, if fact, he was deliberately flouting the good-will attempt to give residents concerned about their health a two-hour window for mask-wearing in the fitness center.
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To Bonny: While Candace's message is important to think about, keep in mind that this new Board doesn't even have its first "regular" Board meeting until June 25. They have a great deal of work to do, so I think we should allow them to gain their sea legs, so to speak, and show the community what they can do. I have stated many times before that I don't support recalls as a general matter. They take too much time to organize and carry out, and would cost the Association unnecessary money. Better to see how things go and aim toward future elections, which is really the best way to go. What I REALLY hope is that the new Board will be aware of what at least one segment of the community is saying and act in the very best interest of SCA.
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Jim, I've raised that very issue myself. I think that mutual respect coupled with peer pressure might result in a good outcome during the mask-only hours. We shall see. I was thinking of one of the memorable scenes from "Game of Thrones" when Cersei (stunt double, actually) is paraded naked through the streets while the crowd yells "shame, shame!"