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Interests: Live and breathe for the Boston Red Sox.
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John, I can't say that I fully agree with you on even one name of slaves being given on census reports prior to the Emancipation Proclamation, or at least prior to 1865. Here, for example, is a quote from one of my sources: "Slaves were enumerated on all federal census records from 1790 to 1860, but not by name. From the 1870 census (in which all persons were named), proceed backwards to the 1860 and 1850 slave schedules that list, under the name of the owner, each slave only by sex, specific age, and color."
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Thanks, Steve, I'll correct the wording. David
John, I certainly agree with you. I also believe that joining the military is not the only way one can truly serve his country. I think we are missing the boat as a nation by not having programs NOW that would offer high school and college grads the opportunity to address issues such as student debt, unemployment issues in critical professions, and even patriotism, through a nationwide service corps.
Thanks to all who have sent me felicitations via blog comments and emails. One of the things I've been giving thought to is not just what the blog has meant personally in terms of giving me a sometimes cathartic soapbox over the years, but also what it may have meant to YOU, our loyal readers. Perhaps I helped you to recover some money when you needed to sell tickets to an event you could not attend. Perhaps I facilitated a "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" request that was important to you as a giver or a receiver. Perhaps I provided assistance, through our "Passages" feature, in celebrating a departed loved one whose life deserved to be recounted and remembered. Perhaps I informed you about an activity or event by giving it nuance in a manner that motivated you to attend or participate. Perhaps I've provided you with a communications channel to express and discuss your disagreements on various topics. And yes, during our SCA election periods, perhaps I gave you the necessary information that helped you decide which Board candidates were worthy of your vote. What I have gotten out of this is much more valuable than money: It is the satisfaction that comes from sharing information, and from knowing that along the way, perhaps, I may have helped to enrich the sense of community that comes from living in this wonderful place we call home.
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Karie, it seems to me that your issue with the digital sign at the Raiders restaurant is not that the sign is a bad idea, but is more with the speed at which the menu information changes. That can be adjusted by such techniques as how much of the menu is shown on the screen at one time and the speed of how it changes. Even then, I'm not suggesting at all that digital signs replace paper menus, menus on place mats, or any other form of printed content. Rather, I think it would be just part of the overall mix. One thing I didn't mention about digital signs is that they work all the time, so they could be effective in the hours before the restaurant opens, such as early morning.
Annette, I will send you, and another reader who asked, the recommendations that I forwarded to the original requestor.
Good question, Elaine. The lobster buffet is still so new that I haven't seen any other commentaries about waiting time. Remember that this was our wait in a line that wasn't moving when we got into it because it was still 30 minutes before the buffet reopened for dinner. So my guess is that the wait is shorter at other times. When we left the buffet at about 8:15, there was still a line but it was fairly short.
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I'm not an expert on the subject, Karie, but I did notice, when I visited the sale this morning, that it was an oval table with places for 8 players instead of the 10-player tables we have in the Anthem Center gallery. It was a very nice table with cushioned rails, but I don't know if the 6-position factor had anything to do with it being sold.
Essentially you are correct, Marty, but that's only part of the story. The Association is projecting losses that it will absorb, but the projection is also that the losses will be reduced over a period of time, until the operation reaches break-even and presumably becomes profitable. If it were a private tenant in this situation, the tenant would need to be able to sustain losses for possibly more time than it could afford to wait, whereas SCA and the management company are putting out a 3- to 5-year projection that allows enough time to make is self-sustaining if possible. Remember that the management agreement gives SCA an escape clause after one year with proper notice. I believe that "absorbing losses as the cost of providing an amenity" is a correct assessment of the arrangement, but I also believe that it doesn't bind SCA to an arrangement that must continue ad infinitum. What I believe we will also be seeing once the doors open for business is some detailed financial reporting, on a regular and scheduled basis, that apprises us of how things are going financially.
Jim, I tried to make clear that while members can only vote for 3 candidates, 4 of them are worthy of consideration. Worst-case scenario would be that these four split the vote and allow the remaining candidate to win a two-year term. Since they are all going to be on the Board anyway, I deem it a small price to pay to avoid disrespecting the four I consider well qualified. If only three could actually be elected, with the other two being completely out, I might have approached it differently.
Thank you for the kind words, Daniel. For the first time out of the box, I thought the experiment worked pretty well, and I received quite a bit of positive feedback. If anything, the one who needs to improve his on-camera presence is me! As a group, the candidates did great. There is a lot of potential to be more creative in adding content to the blog to keep readers informed, and I certainly hope to do more of it.
M. Kline, I DID document the result of the Quinn and Donahue resignations in an earlier article that you apparently have not read. Go back and read the article titled "Board Election Is Thrown Into Disarray." As for the previous restaurant failures, they occurred under landlord/tenant arrangements, not under a management-company arrangement. You don't know how this will work out any more than I do. And as I pointed out, SCA is NOT committed to the five-year term of the lease if it chooses to opt out earlier. I suggest you read the management agreement to familiarize yourself with it.
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John, you are absolutely correct, and I'm very impressed that you remembered the details. The earlier fiasco you referred to happened in the 2010 election. My wife Roz and Roger Cooper, who were on the Board at the time, did an investigation and recommended the necessary changes you described. The only way to view this year's hot mess is to describe it as a major administrative failure that is going to cost SCA a lot of money.
Philip, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Rana would acknowledge signing a letter that she actually didn't write or was pressured to write, and claiming it as her own. At the time the letter was issued, I don't recall seeing anything to indicate that it was something other than her sincere expression of apology. Through all my years of having differences with Rana, and also ventures of hers that I supported or agreed with, I never, for a New York minute, questioned her sense of integrity as she saw it Now I have to re-think that grudging admiration I had for her. I think there were other options she had, if signing the letter went against her conscience, but it's water under the bridge now.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2022 on An Apology To Ms. Goodman at David's Anthem Journal
Comments in support of all candidates are welcome, Marty. In fact, I wouldn't even mind if you decide to encourage Forrest to contribute here. I was asked if I had invited Forrest to make a video with me for sharing on the blog. I wouldn't refuse if he wanted, but I believe I'm actually doing him a favor by not doing so.
M, I appreciate your addition of equilibrium to this subject, as well as the fact that you choose to post your comments to the blog, rather than sending them to me privately. Someone on another blog suggested that I don't receive responses because they don't see many of them here, despite the fact that comments on THAT blog seem to come from the same small group. Though I've tried to explain it before, I'll try it again. I receive 4 or 5 responses to many of the articles I publish. But they tend not to show up here on the blog because subscribers don't go onto the blog to read the articles, receiving them instead as emails via the third-party Feedblitz service. To reply directly to me with an email, they just have to click a link in the Feedblitz message. You can explain such things to people ad nauseam, but if their minds are made up to be oblivious to facts, that's what you get.
I appreciate your comments on this subject, Marty, and I guess I'd have to say that it is probably unfortunate from your perspective that there is more to come before this week is out. Perhaps it is a calculated risk, so we'll have to see. I let many people know at the beginning of this election season that I was willing to play the bad cop. If it were my opinion that the gentleman is not simply unsuitable to serve, rather than being grossly unsuitable to serve, it might be a different story. When a candidate puts forward a picture of himself that I don't believe accurately describes who he is, I will respond accordingly. Now if you'd like to debate any of the SPECIFICS I'm describing on their merits, I'd be happy to have that conversation with you, but I don't perceive that you are challenging me on the basis of my accuracy. And as far as "contributing to the election process" is concerned, I believe -he said modestly- that my overall contributions to the election process far exceed -at least so far- what any other communicator is contributing to it.
Barry Goodman: Glad you like the concept. When I started out to do this, I wanted to keep each video length to about 15 minutes, but it didn't work out that way. You may be disappointed to learn that Dave Meredith's is the shortest. The others are longer, with Steve Anderson's being much longer, but I thought that Steve had a lot of interesting things to say from the perspective of being the current Board president, and I didn't want to cut him short.
J. Kim: This is a bit of a learning experience for me, so my hope is that reader reaction is positive enough to justify doing things like this in the future. Taken from Dave Meredith's flyer: Email address - Phone: 702-275-6674 I will add similar information, taken from the candidates' flyers, before their videos are published to the blog this week. Thnak you.
Cliff, thank you for your comments. I used the words "interpret" and "infer" because I was not a party to the drafting of the agreement. So I'm writing from the perspective of one who thinks, based upon the wording in the agreement and applying my own legal reasoning, what I think the meaning of the cited provisions is, supplemented by my conversations with Board members where I asked if my assumptions and understanding are reasonable. In several of the cases, my "imterpretation" is also based on what I learned in talking with the directors. At this time, I thought it was the best I could do in order to bring these contractual clauses to the attention of our readers in timely fashion.
Marty, I don't think it was ever contemplated that if and when the restaurant makes a profit, losses from previous years could be recouped, in whole or in part. But when there IS a profit, the agreement provides that the first $48,000 of net profit would go directly to SCA before the 50-50 split kicks in on any amounts above that. It took me a while to go through the entire complex document, and from it I have extracted some points of interest that I intend to discuss with one or more directors before expounding on them.
In that case, Al, don't read the other blogs or the Nextdoor website.
What you don't know could ... Ahh, never mind.
Marty, I do have a personal animus, which is to oppose Forrest's election to the Board as not being in the best interests of SCA. - Doesn't ANYONE who states opposition to specific candidates have some sort of personal animus? I have only scratched the surface of what I will write about Forrest, so I'll be interested in what you think when all is said and done. Right now, however, with your knowledge of the law, do you really think the Association would require the disclosure on his form if, indeed, the issue did not involve him in some manner? Look, we have in common that we are both retired attorneys and New Englanders, so this is something we might both benefit from discussing over coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, don't you think? My treat, of course. And I think I DO have to modify what I wrote above regarding the allowing of all opinions on my blog. If it continues too far down the road and becomes just a back-and-forth about me, rather than a debate about a candidate's qualifications, that's where I might draw the line, because my readers have told me many times in the past that they don't like to see things go off the track like that. I am not taking what you said personally, but if we can get together and talk I might be able to share things with you that I am choosing not to put on the blog.
Marty, your diatribe against me stands as proof that I permit all opinions to be expressed by the readers of my blog, even when they are as voluminous as yours. I will be giving you many more opportunities to respond if you wish, maybe starting when I write about how Mr. Fetherolf accused my wife of committing criminal fraud when she was president of the Association. There is lots more to come, and it will all be fact-based. I have written in the past, as I will again, about good deeds that Forrest has done, which is more than you'll see written by other bloggers who attack candidates they oppose. Work as hard as you can for Forrest's election so that he can do better than his abysmal showings in 2012 and 2016. Then you can celebrate when he makes it onto the Board.