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David Kane
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I walk to work and back from Kings Cross everyday, including crossing at the York Way/Euston Road junction, and it's just an awful junction for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The traffic light phasing means you can only get half way across in one go, with big groups of people gathered at the half way point. The lights also seem to mean that lots of cars and trucks coming up Gray's Inn Road and across the crossing are still moving when the pedestrian light has gone green, meaning a dangerous combination of angry car drivers with pedestrians all around them. And cars, taxis and buses turning left off Euston Rd onto York Way are often going very quickly (the corner allows you to keep going at some speed), with taxis and buses then quickly cutting left to drop off passengers. The whole things a mess. I often end up trying to cross further up York Way (and weaving through the buses and taxis pulling in and out) as it seems safer than using the actual crossing.
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Oct 19, 2011