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I think stand up is arguably the most difficult of all art forms; theater, tv, film, music, etc. You are on a stage by yourself, if you don't say something, the room is silent. Yet, unlike those other art forms, we dont have "vocal" coaches, "acting" coaches, yet stand up is quite possibly the most difficult of them all (even though personally, I see being in a band way more difficult having to REALLY depend on other people to achieve your goals, but thats just me) Kyle and Louie have created something that isn't a "$50 comedy class. Learn set ups and punchlines" SUBC is a vehicle for up and coming comics to meet with other comics to create a network across the US. That alone could be worth $299 to anyone who wants stage time in other parts of the US. On top of that, SUBC shows you several ways to approach your stand-up career with a positive mindset. For some reason, it became the norm for comics to have negative outlooks. I dont think that has to be the case. Not to mention all the comics that come and speak at the bootcamps: Kevin Nealon, Russell Peters, Ralphie May. Not many places on Earth can you find all these people under one roof, giving advice and answering questions. I've heard comics say "hang around the clubs in LA, and you'll get the advice for free." I don't think I'd want to walk up to Ralphie May at the Laugh Factory after his set and ask "hey how did you get into stand up? Whats your writing process...?" Thats not tactful. At least at SUBC, its expected that he'll do a Q&A. The nuggets of advice those comics give can also be worth the price of bootcamp alone. Also, not everyone in the US can hang out at the Melrose Improv or Comedy Store every night, hoping to grab a comics two cents on stand up. If you do get to the clubs in LA and get the advice you're looking for, awesome! That means you should appreciate the position you are in, and soak up as much info you can; instead you could take bootcamp to network with comics across the US and get stage time. Long story short, because of Kyle and Louie, I went from working at a casino full time, to being a full time working comic. Im only 3 years in, so I have plenty of growing to do, but I pay my rent with comedy. And its been the best time of my life.
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Sep 13, 2010