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Thanks for saying what needs to be said. The echo chamber of ass kissing is several layers deep and can make Twitter unusable. More people need to have the epiphany you had so their experience can become something useful instead of something to whine about.
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I'm a BIG Duct Tape Marketing fan, as well as Sales Gravy. My non-business faves include Wait Wait, This American Life and Dave's Lounge. Podcasts will be around until telematics allow us to drive while watching television. It's such an underutilized tool. Oh yeah, the Portage Digital Media podcast is pretty fly too. :)
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Absolutely agree. The US economy has always done better when small businesses are thriving. This region of the country just forgot how to do that. It's not a question of talent, we've got more researchers here than anywhere else in the country outside of Boston. It's a matter of reprogramming how we think about employment! BTW, the interview I did for the Detroit Regional News Hub with Jake Sigal from Livio Radio is almost an Entrepreneurship 101 class. The guy is a blast to talk with!
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2010 on The Entrepreneurs Will Save Us All at Yaffe Tidbits
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This is my favorite area of the park. It's so peaceful on the river by the light tower or back along the lagoon. If you can't find me at work or home, I'm probably there with a book relaxing. Thanks for the article!
Mike- Shiv was one of my favorite interviews from Future Midwest. We could have talked for hours about this subject because he sees it so clearly. It will be interesting to see how we all adapt to the coming post-digital world.
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May 10, 2010