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Another interesting post Martin. I was thinking about similar things the other day after making some notes from your chapter about Pedagogy of Abundance and picking up a nice talk by Seely Brown on YouTube who referenced your ex-VC (whose name I forget) who is now at the Commonwealth of Learning (sorry - just making a sidepoint there about links and how they fan out!), anyway he talked about how there is an overall and massive shortage - globally - of HE provision; he reckons there are some 30 million potential students who can't get a foothold (rising to 70 million by 2025). Even if we built a University a week, he says, we simply can't meet the demand which is growing all the time. Thus we have to learn to use digital abundance in ways that help us offset the material and physical scarcity of HE. Indeed, try to do it all differently. Your comment here about the pressure on academic time is another aspect of these material shortages and scarcities. Do we need to frame Digital Scholarship more directly in this context of material shortages? Otherwise perhaps there is a risk that the discussion remains somewhat abstract, when in fact there are real and material problems that DS must address... It's odd isn't it - one one hand increasing scarcity - on the other increasing but inaccessible abundance. Classic recipe for revolution? PS should we take care not to frame DS as a way to *manage* these shortages but to remove them?
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Good post Martin and also the one about reality instructors. It stimulated the following note from me that I have just published to our campus bulletin board. The wider context might take some time to explain but be assured that there is going on down here a strong promotion of the entrepreneurial model of HE as an alternative, which is not only slightly bizarre (it's called the Teaching Hospital model) but naive on the part of our leaders (they have no history of business acumen). There is a big political row going in SE Wales about HE, hence the reference in my post to emailing MPs and AMs. Post follows: ================================ Thanks to Dominic for posting those links and reminding everyone to write to their MPs and AMs about the increasing mess and chaos surrounding reconfiguration in SE Wales. I do hope that when we write we do not continue to repeat the conspiracy theory that is being propagated in order to explain HEFCW's latest move in this complicated game. The famous Carry On line "Infamy, infamy, they''ve all got it infamy", should remind us that this explanation can make us look silly and weak. I hope too that, simultaneously, we all take care to be intelligently critical of the broadly based entrepreneurial model of HE that is being promoted across the region but in particular by Newport (e.g see here: I point you to the blog posts below by a respected OU colleague (who recently gave a talk in the Graduate School) perhaps to provoke a discussion about how it is that the ''entrepreneurs'' in our society (including the financial sector, and of course hoteliers), who have broadly failed to manage or nurture our economy (indeed, who may even be blamed for the mess) are now claiming the high ground when it comes to redefining HE as part of the solution for our economic repair and salvation. Martin Weller: Education and the Language of Change (2012) Martin Weller: Who are the reality instructors now? (2009) Must go, just saw a white rabbit (or was it HEFCW) going down a hole ... must follow it ...
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No Martin - don't be immodest be proud! Your post has made me think that perhaps I too may be a respectable idiot. At last I have found a voice. Thank you.
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Apr 26, 2012