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We don't have all of them, Michael. The old message board was deleted by the provider at some point. We only were able to preserve those that were pasted into the pay-per-views and Infernos, etc. How have you been?
Hello Anonymous Friend, if I had to pick any of those theories on our longterm hiatus, it would be.... option 2. There is so much to look forward to in 2013. We're going to discuss the issues people want to here about in our own clever way. If you have suggestions for themes to our conversation, feel free to shoot them our way. I sort of do the live the Mad Men lifestyle, except for all the drinking at work and slutty secretaries. I would love if my life resembled Star Trek. The character that embodies me the best is Miles O'Brien. I prefer my potatoes cooked. My favourite is mashed. We have missed you too, as we have all listeners. Thanks and Happy Christmas. Dave
Hey Ken, the girls were very happy that you liked their first show! They are seriously considering making the show a weekly habit. For the record, Steve and I had nothing to do with the title. The girls picked that themselves.
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Apr 29, 2011