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David Mandl
Green Bay, WI
Applications Engineer for Graphics Systems
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This is a HUGE feature for people who do 3D printing. It always used to be that actually modeling threads (in lieu of using cosmetic threads) was a waste of resources. Took too long, added extra surfaces with little value add to the model. But if you're printing? Those extra surfaces have a value add, since you can directly print the thread. To be able to do that in a feature that's as simple as the cosmetic thread tool is a very nice enhancement.
Great to see you guys there, and my excitement for DW12 has only increased!
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2015 on Our time at SolidWorks World 2015 at DriveWorks
@Justalittlecrazy: You are right that the kind of control I want in my fancy springs is easier to achieve in a set of sketch-based features than it is in the tabular interface that SolidWorks' helix generator gives us when we use region parameters in variable pitch helices. In that way, the tool does fall short of where we would want it to be. That said, I will still contend that it is still a robust command capable of highly detailed geometry when applied correctly. Any issues with slow rebuilds, I might recommend making an enhancement request through the SolidWorks Customer Portal. The vast majority of changes made in each release come from those requests and others that come from customer support cases. In my opinion, SolidWorks is unique in the industry for the degree to which they let their customers' voices be heard. Take advantage of it!
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Feb 9, 2012