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Since science has only agreed it could happen not will happen, would you remaining climate blame believers be willing to be subjected to criminal charges for uttering your CO2 death threats to billions of helpless children with a crisis YOU say WILL happen when science has never said it themselves?
Deny this: Science agrees that it’s real but not a real crisis. Liberals and media are the only ones saying a crisis will actually happen since science has only said it “could” and “might” etc. happen and it’s been 27 years of research. Science didn’t lie and studying the effects and rarely causes of an assumed to be real climate change crisis isn’t a crime. Not one IPCC warning is without “maybes”. The ultimate crisis needs the ultimate proof, not “maybe”.
President Romneycon will thank us for fear mongering and condemning our own voting base along with the voter’s children to their CO2 deaths “IF” they didn't vote Democrat. Nice job girls.
I can't find one single IPCC warning anywhere that warns of a coming crisis that isn't riddled with "maybes". "may", "could", "might", "likely", "probably" a climate crisis.................. Why can't they say; “it WILL happen”, not just might happen? WHAT COULD BE WORSE? A COMET HIT? We deserve a “will happen” before we condemn our own children to the greenhouse gas ovens. HELP MY PLANET IS ON FIRE MAYBE? Scientists: exaggeration isn't a crime, yet.
What you are going to read is as topic that doesn't make me as unpopular at parties as it used to. In fact, from what I can see from first hand is, that the denier science has clearly won. If you are disappointed the crisis is averted, stop reading now and move on. A Plea From A Former Believer. The planet is not dead. Continued belief in Catastrophic Climate Change, is dividing environmentalism, if not all of progressivism as well. I can no longer look my kids in the eyes and tell them they won’t have kids of their own if they don’t’ start turning the lights off more often. I’m sick of the guilt I’m forced to administer to my kids to help to SAVE THE PLANET! Issuing CO2 death warrants to our children has made neocons out of all of us and besides, we all know climate change was just an exaggeration that got away on us. If you truly love the planet and your fellow human beings, at least be happy and relieved that the horrific consequences of a CO2 crisis where all judged wrong. That doesn’t mean pollution is right. Separate the two. Remove the CO2 factor from the equation and continue stewardship of the planet anew we former believers say. Has anyone considered that it was the polluting scientists and their chemicals that made modern day environmentalism necessary in the first place? There is a wave of former believer rage folks spreading love, optimism and courage as well as GREEN. Let us pull the spear of fear from our children’s backs. Climate change was our Iraq War.
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2011 on Climate change deniers at Unfettered Letters
We Need LOVE, not Windmills and Birth Control, not Climate Control. Climate change was a death sentence, not pollution. A death warrant of death by UNSTOPPABLE WARMING. It was a mistake, not an evil conspiracy. It was an exaggeration from a committed research and political industry that was too big to fail after 24 years of wrong predictions. We needed to seek much more understanding of climate first, before declaring the end of the world from unstoppable warming and condemning billions of children to an early death. Meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 25 years of climate control instead of population control. The news editors are the real one’s responsible for the CO2 mistake. Scientists not only polluted the planet with their chemicals, they also produced cruise missiles, cancer causing chemicals, land mine technology, nuclear weapons, germ warfare, strip mining technology, deep sea drilling technology and now climate change. Remove the CO2 and start environmentalism anew. System Change, NOT Climate Change. REAL environmentalists were happy and relieved about climate gate's revelations, not disappointed. Don’t blame it on sunshine. Don’t blame it on sunlight. Don’t blame it on bad times. Blame it on the CO2 Bogey. THE RAP VERSION: Pollution’s real. We get it. Grow some! System Change, not climate change. Birth Control, not climate control. Population Control, not climate control. Stop scaring my kids you environMENTAL neocon. Climate Change is another Iraq War of WMD’s, lies and fear mongering. History has a special place for you gullible, and naive modern day witch burners. Climate Change was a mistake, but as for getting any credibility back, it’s too late. Voters had the REAL consensus, not your lab coat consultants you Greenzis bow to. Your God is a fat American promising to lower the seas with taxes.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2010 on John Whitehead at Environmental Economics
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Wouldn’t a real environmentalist jump at the very suggestion that the CO2 effects are seen now to be little if any.? You know, for the kids sake. For the children’s sake. If you had a cancer-like growth, would you want the doctors to say it is benign? How can you Doomers not be ashamed of yourselves for hoping for this hell on Earth? Climate Changers were just pathetic car accident rubber-Neckers who like to watch the thrill. History will show you Doomers denied all denier science as being dishonest. All of it. This can’t go on for another 24 years. Talk about unsustainable…………… Get ahead of the curve. The theory predicted anything from total unstoppable warming all the way down to little if any effects. THAT’S the theory and I’m betting few of you Doomers knew that. “unstoppable warming all the way down to little if any effects.” is the theory. Read it out loud to yourself. Even I agree with that “science“, and I’m a believer turned denier. Yes I as a denier agree that the effects will be “unstoppable warming all the way down to little if any effects.” The last 24 years of no climate crisis and failed promises agrees too. How do you prove a prediction to be real.? Add science plus journalism plus the fear loving masses and we get modern day witch burning.
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