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Your sign in name is hilarious. I award you 5,000 internets. Pocket sand!
Hi Eddy, I've been wondering about this. I find it intuitive that there is an obligation to vote for Hillary on grounds similar to those that would lead you to pull the switch. But what if you could know that a Trump presidency would bring about far more net good than a Clinton presidency, because, say, it would cause the republicans to lose Congress, it would lower the public's trust in conservatism etc. Would it be ethical or even obligatory to vote for Trump? Maybe it's "imaginative resistance" but my gut says no. Love to hear your thoughts. (This isn't all theoretical by the way. I know that some liberal Israeli's were tempted to vote *for* Netanyahu because they thought he would be a disaster and turn the public their way.)
Massimo Pigliucci (a biologist and philosopher) has commented on this many times. He rules "misleading".
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May 2, 2016