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David Patrone
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In many ways I agree with this. I know an awful lot of great musicians and I can't say I know a single person personally that has reached millions with the internet. It's the same old game, you have the potential to reach billions but the reality is, it's the same game. I know a lot of very hard-working, very talented musicians who can't make enough for ramen noodles from internet sales while a bunch of shmucks with turntables and loop software get lots of gigs and even hustle the live music venues. It is what it is though. Competition for people's attention is the game and if you have something interesting, it competes; however, don't tell me that musicians have it EASY due to the internet. Exposure and distribution deals are still a factor the major labels definitely control. The Internet is inundated with shlock and as an entertainment coordinator even I get frustrated trying to find good stuff out there and I'm actively seeking them with an educated ear. The internet hasn't made it easier for good musicians to get their stuff out there; it's made it easier for every jackass to get their stuff out there and that makes it harder for the legit guys to break through the static to an audience. Imagine going to a concert and every jerkoff in the crowd brings a guitar with them and is singing out loudly so that you can't hear the act on stage. Eventually you're going to stop looking there for good music.
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Oct 26, 2011