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clearly I need to be reprogrammed ;)
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2013 on The Bare-Naked Big Walk at ABA Blog
20+ southbound Pomarine Jaegers reported this AM by Kyle Horton birding the Delaware River from Delaware City, DE., then 20+ Poms reported by Tom Reed Cook's Beach (on the NJ side of the Delaware Bay, just north of Cape May, NJ) at 2:46pm ET. Also Cory's Shearwaters from from the same location as well as Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ. Thus far it sounds like Pomarine Jaegers and Leach's Storm Petrels are the dominant pelagics being reported from the Mid-Atlantic region. Michael O'Brien did speculate that Cape May might take a few days to see birds make their way down, so the lack of reports may not be for lack of coverage (people have been birding there since first light) and may indeed reflect a lack of birds moving through as of yet. Whether they'll trickle through over the next 24 hours or simply make their way to the ocean from farther north remains to be seen. Thanks for pulling this together John!
I just ordered it today (B&H has it on sale right now)... so I'll report back in a week with some results. From what I've read there were some issues with the 4s (which I have) but those are supposedly worked out. More to come.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on Mic up that iPhone: Follow Up at ABA Blog
Oops! looks like some of the links got gummed up with extra characters. Here are the good ones:
Toggle Commented May 17, 2012 on Mic up that iPhone: Follow Up at ABA Blog
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Mar 19, 2012