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David Rigano
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Unfortunately, I have to disagree. Perhaps it doesn't happen as much anymore, but I'd say the biggest reason we don't have ghostwriters on Broadway is because the ghosts don't remain anonymous. We call them Show Doctors instead, and they take credit for their work. Most recently, that I can remember, Thomas Meehan came in to fix Bombay Dreams when it came over the pond from London. Comden and Green wrote additional songs for Peter Pan. Jerry Herman wrote additional songs for A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine. Still today, however, directors come in uncredited to fix shows that are in trouble. So, I'd say if we don't have as many ghosts, it's mainly because they won't go without credit.
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I want Sarah Manley to win the Tempur-Pedic bed!
Where we are headed and how we can get there always fascinates me. And I've found myself having more and more conversations with people in other burgeoning industries about how one industry can assist the other in growth (as social media has with just about every existing industry) and where it will take us. I'm very excited to hear what others have to say on the topic!
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So many wonderful new theatre composers! I saw that my brother and I got a mention before I even got here, so thanks for that. I'm David Rigano and my brother, Paul, and I write music together:
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Aug 8, 2011