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I sent Ms. Goel a request on her abortion position. Here was her response .. . Manju Goel 12/17/13 I am a Hindu American and we strongly believe that life begins at conception. Soul enters the body at the time of conception. Every life is extremely precious. Government has no business in personal choices,faith or belief so I strongly believe that government should not be involved in these matters.
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From what I know of the former congressman, admitting mistakes is not part of his persona. It would be nice if he did pull his support, but I would not hold your breath, waiting for a retraction.
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I met Joe Walsh back before the 2012 primary. I at the time, was wanting his take on Rick Santorum, who was coming in to Illinois with some momentum and looked to be the most conservative (in my way of looking at the word) of the candidates remaining on the Ballot. Congressman Walsh took the Romney has the best chance to win approach to my question. Not mentioning Santorum, by name even though I had asked about him and had not mentioned Romney. This is very similar to what he does in this piece. He doesn't mention Larry Kaefish by name. He gives no substantial reasons to vote for Goel, except by saying she has the best chance of beating Duckworth, but not making one coherent reason why that is so. I am not sure what exactly Mr. Walsh knows much about what the best chance of winning in the 8th district or beating Ms.Duckworth entails. According to Wikipedia He only beat Melissa Bean in 2008 by less than 300 votes. He was the upstart candidate in 2008. If the primary voters in 2008 had voted for the candidate only based on the best chance to beat Bean criteria, Walsh would not have won. The primary, in my opinion, is the voters opportunity to concentrate on who they think is the best candidate, and to tell all the people you know to support that candidate because of who they are and what they stand for. It is not time to look one race ahead. I think Kaefish has demonstrated that he is the best candidate. Recent activity on the part of her supporters against Kaefish and her reluctance to separate herself from them has shown that Goel isn't, regardless of what Mister one and done says.
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