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Steve Davidson
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163 of the defendants have been ordered detained by the court. Apart from two defendants who are being treated in hospitals and several who are on foreign duty, all of them are in jail at the Silivri or Hasdal prisons. All of the judges who had previously ruled in favor of releasing the defendants over the course of the Sledgehammer investigation have been removed and appointed to other parts of the judiciary. Two of the prosecutors who prepared the Sledgehammer Indictment (disregarding all the evidence of fabrication) were recently promoted to seats at the Supreme Court of Appeal. The defendants have asked the court several times for the digital images and photos of the fabricated CDs. The court has refused. Even though photos of the CDs were leaked to a pro‐government newspaper (Zaman), these photos have not been given to the defense. The real perpetrators in this case are at large while the officers framed with fake documents remain in jail. Experience tells if it looks and waddles like a duck, chances are, it's a duck.....Doesn't this sound like a fabrication???
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Jul 14, 2011