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I wonder what the effect of notices like this will be on the McDonalds brand image. Will it be negative (making them come across as Goliath)? If so, will the positive brand association from having *only* McDonalds brand products in their product categories available in the park (and shown in the footage) be greater or lesser than the negative?
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The image link above appears to be broken - or a snowstorm.
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While that's a good superficial account of Lessig's point, I don't think it is actually faithful to the article or Lessig's agenda. Remember, Lessig had a long history as an activist, albeit one with a history of abrupt turns. He started out as a very successful activist for copyright reform (he began the whole Creative Commons thing). A few years ago he abruptly dropped his copyright work to address himself to political corruption - specifically the removing the influence of large moneyed interests on political decision making. As a part of that he ws very pro-transparency. In fact, he's still on the board of directors for the Sunlight Foundation. I think if you read the essay carefully, his concern is that because people don't look carefully enough at the open data, it is easy for them to assume corruption ($ influence) where none may exist. However, the proposed solution isn't really to stop opening up the data. It is to put in legislative controls on the influence of large moneyed interests. Then people can't claim corruption, because systems will be in place to ensure that corruption isn't happening. Ultimately (at least in the States) the open data/transparency horse is out of the barn. There is no bringing it back now. Even if the government doesn't actively open its data, people will be scraping the congressional record and opening it for them. By pointing out the dangers in this Lessig is trying to get government to voluntarily put in place the controls he's currently deviting his life to building. At least, that's how Lessig explained it in an interview I heard. And while it may be a little far-fetched, it is consistent with his stated aims over the past few years instead of diametrically opposed, as the superficial reading would lead one to believe.
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Jun 22, 2010