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I think we should develop PD opportunities for the teachers who are professionals, and stop worrying about the "lazy" teachers who aren't all interested in improving their craft and are just there for a paycheck. The vast majority of teachers are professional learners, and those who are not aren't going to learn under any model we choose.
I have a crazy question: Why has it taken so long for teacher driven professional development to take root? I mean, seriously, it's not that radical an idea. It merely requires an expectation of professionalism on the part of the learner, and a trust that people will choose useful sessions to attend.
@Jackie I'm pretty sure health care costs have gone up in the socialist countries you mention (like my country, Canada) as part of the costs are related to increases in obesity, cancer, and an aging population. However, I'm sure that our increases have been no where near as bad as the total increases in the US. @PP Yes, the charts are inflation adjusted. They aren't adjusted for land prices which have risen well over inflation for decades, or for health care costs as indicated by Jackie, or by rising costs of supplies (ie computers in schools).
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Apr 14, 2011