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Why don't you try telling people that everyone who posts will get $20 dollars from you and that 1 person in the like will win an ipad? See what your LTR is then (Like through rate-- i made that up just right now). Or if you don't have that kind of cash, why don't you try the exact same post, but share a picture of an attractive woman's face wearing something really bright (red works well), and THEN tell people to simply "like" it, explaining the purpose of your experiment. In both cases I think your measurements will change rapidly. As someone who has considerable experience with putting up ads and buying fans that actually work for companies (tracking links tell us how much money is going in and out and how long until we make our money back), I can tell you that your assumptions are kind of flawed. Try creating an ad and seeing the variety of choices you have for targetting. Take a look at the extremely precise and granular measurement facebook provies you so that your ads have a high CTR and social CTR (ads which show pictures of your friends who have "liked" the ad) The people who also see your post increases the more there is engagement. This algorithm is much like "pagerank" for google. So a shared post with a lot of interest is shown more to people. I heard of it referred to as "edgerank" which is based on your social graph. There are truly social people who get a lot of interest all the time and are relevant to a lot of people, and their posts get a lot of exposure on Facebook. Hope this gives you food for thought.
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Mar 17, 2011