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Davinderpal Bhatia
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Here are few of my best : Offers are welcome.
Good Morning Everyone, Danny, thanks for your kind words. Dave DNA Sequencing Inc
Danny, It took me a while to read the entire post. Wondering how long it took you to write it.
Hi Bill, Thanks very much for your good wishes. As these "damn good domains" are being promoted by damn good people, it is just a matter of time before we see the results. Regards, Davinderpal S Bhatia DNA Sequencing Inc
Hi Rick and Danny, I am glad to be on board with 6 of my DNA/Genome Domains. Looking forward to working with you. Davinderpal Bhatia DNA Sequencing Inc
Hi Danny, For a domain I regged in early 1999 I declined high $$,$$$ in 2000 and those who knew it were either upset with me or ridiculed me. Last month the same thing repeated, the difference being that offer was a lot higher !!! Your article came as a bright light in a dark tunnel. You made my day. Thanks.
While it is true that a bird in hand is better than two behind the bush, it is also a fact that patience is a virtue. Sometimes it becomes very tough to decline $$,$$$ or $$$,$$$ offers. However in majority of cases eventually buyers will come with even higher offers. It is only a matter of time.
Looking forward to the 3rd and final list. No matter what some people may say, based on your track record and domains selected,things will be fine.
Complete transparency in Domain business is long overdue and will be most welcome. We all look forward to it.
Most people cannot see beyond their nose. It needs foresight and guts to actually predict the future and print it. No wonder people call you Domain King.
OMG !!! This is insane !!! Good for you Rick. I once purchased a domain for $300 which I would not sell the next day for $3000. But what you got is really the Cheapest. Dave Bhatia
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Mar 15, 2012