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David Davis
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I wonder what would have happened if they'd built a Greek Temple or a a replica of the Houses of Parliament instead? Or a White House...better? Then all those inside could pretend the be Barrraco Barner, surely, and they'd all be very happy?
These metro-political-Enemy-Class people think they live at once in both worlds, theirs and ours, because while we were asleep here, we allowed them to. It's the same process that allowed militant-socialist-nationalists to gain power in Germany in 1933, and lead what had been the pre-eminent truly European nation for science, engineering, modern maths, culture, music and even some literature, to utter disaster. Of course, not witout some help from France at Versailles, France of course being the Germans' friend. One trouble with Jon Snow of course (I thought he was only an old and retired news-caster? What is he doing pontificating anyway? What does he know that we here don't know?) is that he believes fervently in what he says, because he knows he is right. We should never under-estimate the potential damage which those of our enemies can do to us, if they are the ones who believe what they are saying. They are the Jihadists of GramsocStaliNazism: the ones who, while we love life, yet still love death.
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May 7, 2011