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Derrick Davis
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I understand the reasons the director made now for choosing to omit the final fight, and I loved the entire movie leading up to the ending. But really, to end it the way it did really DID make me angry. In a way it is a bit more annoying now knowing the fight actually WAS shot. I hope he sticks to his word and really does include it in the deleted scenes on the Blu Ray. But if he really respects those people like me who want a more "complete" film, I hope he has an alternate viewing mode where we can watch this ending in the actual film. Otherwise to me it will always be really tainted by it. And no, I didn't expect this to be an action film even in the trailers. But I did expect to have a more fulfilling climax. Otherwise it really feels like a cop-out. I hope he considers an alternate cut so people can choose whichever version is best for them.
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Jan 30, 2012