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For the general election for U.S. Senate, test Sestak and Pawlowski vs. Toomey. Since neither are seeming to emerge as a strong contender yet, and there has been much written about intense efforts to recruit a strong candidate, look at testing additional potential candidates. Josh Shapiro has been reported to be the main person being recruited, so he could be used, but consider additional people as well. Possible new candidates to test: -Patrick Murphy (has not been included in any polls yet, so would be interesting to see how he does. Has been thought to be likely to make a return to politics at some point, but hasn't yet. With his attention from the Amtrak incident, this would be a good time to test him) -Eugene DePasquale (after McCord's resignation and Kane's scandals, he would seem to be the only potential statewide elected to run) -Seth Williams (more likely to run for AG, but had been mentioned before and like Murphy and DePasquale has not been polled before) Other possible candidates to test: Michael Nutter (leaving the mayor's office and has talked of possibly running for office again in the future); Katie McGinty (effectively ruled out by becoming Wolf's CoS but if no major contender emerges could be recruited) And for the random other questions, in the aftermath of the draft lottery, ask opinion of the Philadelphia 76ers and the tanking rebuilding strategy
-Kane ratings and whether she should resign and/or whether she should be impeached -Test a primary for AG of Kane vs. Josh Shapiro and/or Seth Williams US Senate -GOP primary: Pat Toomey vs. HSBC whistleblower Everett Stern Stern may not be a big name, but he is an official candidate for the primary. This should at least give a sign of how well Toomey has unified the GOP -Dem primary: Joe Sestak vs. Ed Pawlowski
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May 21, 2015