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Dawn Allen
Dating & Relationship Advice Expert for women who are frustrated with dating and want to finally find and keep the right man once and for all.
Interests: Spirituality, Yoga, Playing the piano, Metaphysics, Cooking, Classic Romance Movies, Writing, Jazz & Classical Music, Great Restaurants, Daily Stairmaster, My daughter Lina, Our dog Chloe and Cat "Mr. Man"
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I wanted to let you know about a great teleseminar series being held during National Singles Week, September 20-24. It’s called the Date2Mate Summit and it’s a FR’EE, virtual telesummit. My good friend, author of “ABC’s of Dating”, Katherin Scott, asked me to speak and has gathered 15 of the top love experts from around the globe to reveal their most powerful, most captivating, and most successful strategies for dating and attracting love. Continue reading
Have you ever felt like if you had to go on one more dead-end date you were going to just sign off of men for good? Because staying home alone was infinitely better than being disappointed again? I used to feel exactly the same way. I hated dating. That dreaded “D” word used to evoke all kinds anxiety and insecurity for me. I always felt awkward and unsure of myself on a date. I had next-to-no confidence with men. I didn’t know how to make small talk, nor did I feel particularly charming or funny. I’m embarrassed to say there were times I actually stayed in relationships that were definitely not in my best interest just so I wouldn’t have to start dating again. Dating just felt like a lot of work. And I certainly did my best to avoid it at all costs. Continue reading
Have you ever been in a relationship where you were really getting close to a man, but for whatever reason you started to get scared? And the more scared you got, the more you did things that messed up the relationship… like acting clingy or needy? That used to be a recurring theme for me in my relationships… I’d meet a great guy. We’d start to get close. But the more involved we got, the more I’d get this yucky nervous feeling inside me. I’d wonder about whether or not I could trust him. Start to think maybe things weren’t really progressing as I thought they were. I’d feel more and more insecure. Every time he didn’t call when I thought he should, it was another piece of evidence to prove to me he couldn’t be trusted. And gradually I’d start to shut down my feelings, which then made me feel even more insecure. And trust him even less. My continued insecure behavior just pushed him further and further away. And sure enough, what would happen? Continue reading
Have you ever felt like there had to be something you were missing in the grand scheme to attract the love of your life because you’ve tried everything and he still hasn’t showed up? Ever wished there was a magical process for attracting the love of your life? Me too. I felt exactly this same way for years and years… and years. Until I finally put it all together. I finally figured it out. In my upcoming book, “Meet and Marry Mr. Right- 7 Steps to Magically Magnetize the Man of Your Dreams,” I’ll be sharing my personal experiences of what I’ve learned on how to consciously attract love into your life. Continue reading
Have you ever had a relationship end, and then months later when you’re alone on a Saturday night reminisced about some of the good times you had with your ex-husband or boyfriend? And then maybe started wondering… I wonder if there’s a way we could get back together? Sometimes we so easily recall all the good experiences from a previous a relationship, but all the challenges somehow get overlooked. It used to be when I was still alone months after a relationship ended, going back to my former love seemed infinitely easier than trying to move forward with no one grand foreseeable in the future. Continue reading
I heard a story the other day about how we get what we think we deserve in life. It reminded me that we also get what we think we deserve in relationships. See if you agree… Dogs love bones. Right? Yes. But what dogs REALLY love is steak. They settle for bones, because that’s usually all they can get. But if you throw out a bone AND a piece of steak, they will go for the steak every time. So why do they settle for bones instead of waiting for steak? Well, because they’re dogs and not in charge of their lives. But WE are not dogs. Yet how many times do we settle for bones, instead of waiting for steak? Continue reading
Learn How To Effortlessly Attract The Man Of Your Dreams And Finally Have The Relationship You've Always Wanted... A Step-by-Step Program on How to Date, Relate and Mate With the Man of Your Dreams... If you're starting over after a painful break-up, frustrated with dating, tired of being alone and ready to succeed in love and finally find the Right Man for you once and for all, then read on... Are you tired of spending yet another Saturday night alone? Are you frustrated with the whole dating game? Does it feel like love is eluding you and you just can't understand why? I’ve been there too. Continue reading
One of my dear friends, Toni-Louise Forsythe, asked if I would participate in a teleseminar she and her partner at Working Women Online put together a few weeks ago. I really felt privileged to be their only speaker on love... Continue reading
One of my dear friends, Toni-Louise Forsythe, asked if I would participate in a teleseminar she and her partner at Working Women Online put together a few weeks ago. I really felt privileged to be their only speaker on love and relationships, but it was a fun, powerful interview that I thought you might enjoy... So... enjoy! Continue reading
Have you made your list of 100 things you want in your soul mate... what I like to call your Soul Mate 100 List? Great! Then you're ready for Step Two in the Sacred Secrets to Love Process. Because you're now probably wondering... how is this guy going to show up? What do I have to do to manifest him now that I know what I want? Will he find me if I just put out my intention to the Universe that I want to attract him? Well, maybe. And, maybe not. Continue reading
The Soul Mate 100 List... Okay, you've done lots of work on trying to manifest your soul mate. But have you gotten clear about what you want? I mean REALLY clear. One thing I noticed when I was dating. Even though I had made my list of the things I wanted in a partner, when I was really dating a lot, I got even clearer. Partially because I was also discovering a lot about what I didn't want. But that just made it easier to know what I DID want. :-) Continue reading
In my twenties, I was living a pretty great life in Los Angeles. I had a job I loved that paid me well. I lived in a beautiful apartment, had a nice car and was pretty much enjoying life as a single girl. However, as I approached 27, I was feeling ready to settle down and get married. I had dated a lot of different men, and it had really helped me figure out my likes and dislikes. But even though I was very happy on my own, I was ready for a more serious relationship. Continue reading
Have you ever made goals and intentions for yourself at the beginning of the year only to realize half way through the year you're no closer to the goals and intentions you set than you were 6 months earlier? Me too. What made the difference for me was having someone to keep me on track towards my goals and to support me when I started to falter in my belief that my dreams were possible. Continue reading
“BOUNDARIES!” Nadia screamed at me in her heavy Eastern European accent. “You have GOT to learn how to have boundaries or you will never achieve the kind of success you are meant to have in this world. You have GOT to learn how to say NO in a healthy way, especially to those closest to you and those who are trying to take advantage of your time and energy…” Okay, Nadia, I get it. I’ve got to have boundaries. Nadia is one of the most brilliant people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Who is she? Nadia Tumas is an incredibly gifted and talented hand analyst and life purpose coach. She recently did a hand analysis for me and helped me discover some pretty amazing things about myself and my life. Continue reading
I spent years as an exceptionally proficient multi-tasker. Rarely would I actually stop long enough to focus on one thing or one person at a time. My inability to slow down, took its toll on my relationships. I could never relax, because I was always doing so many things at once and consequently never enjoyed any of them. Continue reading
I admit it, I have been working like crazy lately. Since I really love what I do, that's not hard to do. But I have felt like I have been needing to get away for months and just haven't taken the time. So when the wonderful friend invited me away for the weekend, I took advantage of it. I completely disengaged, relaxed in a beautiful hotel and enjoyed a fabulous weekend for three lovely days. I got home feeling completely reenergized. Creating Magic Clue #1: Taking breaks and getting away can have a profoundly positive effect on your energy! Continue reading
I was asked at the end of an interview I did this week (just click the link above, if you'd like to listen in...) if I had any parting words for everyone listening… my only comment was, “If we can learn to give ourselves unconditional love and acceptance, we will then be able to offer it others in our lives. And with that comes that potential for really unbelievable relationships.” Continue reading
Have you ever thought about the possibilities of reinventing your world? George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change; and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” So what if we changed our minds about what’s possible for ourselves and our future? What if by changing our perception of ‘what is’, we were also able to change our perception of ‘what can be…’ One of the things I love most about working with my clients is that I can hold a bigger vision for them than they can see for themselves. And by having someone who holds that vision for them, it inspires them to create even more than they ever thought possible. How cool is that? And my coaches have done the same for me. But what I’ve sometimes found is that it is very often my own limiting beliefs about the past that get in the way of creating my future. Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
Okay, I admit it. I still have times when I struggle to NOT take things personally. Which means, of course, that, yes, even though I know better, I still have those moments when I DO take things personally. Ugh. There’s a wonderful quote from Dr. Patricia Allen, that brings me some reprieve… “We are all broken in one way or another, and we must learn to accept the broken aspect in order to love.” Not just in order to love another, but in order to love ourselves too. Continue reading
I have a confession. I am, by nature, a people pleaser. It’s one of the reasons I love what I do so much. I get to help make people happy. Wanting to make my clients happy is a valuable personality trait when it comes to business. Not so much when it comes to personal relationships. I learned that lesson today along with a huge revelation. Continue reading
Not long ago, my boyfriend and I were having a conversation about our previous relationships. Well, actually, to be more specific, MY previous relationships since I have ... uh, a few in my past. My boyfriend was married for 19 years before his divorce 9 years ago, so his list is a tad bit shorter :-) He asked what Love is to me now… I couldn’t come up with an immediate answer. But after giving it some thought, I came up with a few ideas. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some thoughts on Love, and I'd love to hear yours as well. Continue reading
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Jan 31, 2010
Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt like no matter what you did or what you said, you were still attached to the person you were trying to leave behind? Been there. The last time, after I had exhausted all my resources for doing everything I knew to let go of the past, a very powerful visualization came to me one morning while I was meditating. While I was going through this process, I wanted to feel like I was letting go of the past in a peaceful and harmonious way. I wanted to feel like I was moving towards something I wanted rather than away from something I didn't want. I've had a quite a few clients recently who were in the same place... needing and wanting to move on from the past, but not knowing how. This visualization worked so well for me, I now take all my clients through it as well, and I wanted to share it with you... Continue reading
A very dear friend of mine sent me this video for the Starbucks Love Project. It's so inspiring I wanted to share it with all of you. Just think... What if love really is all we need? How would we treat each other differently? Even more importantly, how would we treat ourselves differently? Continue reading