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Dawn Howard Reed
Fort Campbell Ky
Army wife and mother of four.
Interests: Good Music, Family, Seeking Justice, and Native American Issues.
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09/25/11 is when it be on!!!
I like it! I would get one! just the way it is. Their names sticking out, allows this case to evolve with the times. Not so much WM3 but individuals with strong identities whom have endured a lot and survived, but now there is a much larger force that is determined to see this out and not give up until it is complete in their innocence and the final truth.... EXONERATE DAMIEN, JASON, AND JESSIE! (Don't forget 48 hours on Investigation Discovery @ 9:00p.m.)
Eloquently said. You guys have stuck thru from the beginning, talk about dedication indeed. It was kind of cool to be there early on because I did get to correspond with you all one and one at a brief moment and it was soo intriguing to watch everyone in action. I am sooo glad how much heart there really is in this world and how it came across from everywhere chanting FREE WM3!!! And it started from caring loving very courageous and beyond inspiring three Friends, awesome beyond awesome Film Producers, the Best Reporter Ever, Attorneys.... I can go on and on and on.... I will never ever forget 8/19/11 and how we got there. A difference was made and no matter what attorneys, judges and everyone involved with the prosecutions were scrambling around and stumbling over their words are now exposed. Despite the plea watching them sweat over this case is true Justice. And I cannot wait until the end what will they do then! Because the truth will come out in their innocence and I hope I am there to see it!
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Aug 22, 2011
I love this picture! All of these people involved deserve the happiness felt in this picture.
Rejoice Rejoice all your guys' dedication and hard work helped lead to this!
I was wondering where they were! lol! I have been waiting and waiting for this picture! it was a long haul!
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Aug 21, 2011