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I love anything and everything patriotic, so a white background with splashes of cobalt blue and a bright, true red would be incredible. I could make lots out of that, especially Sockhead hats!
Out of the multicolors, I like Amy's Vintage Office and Zombie BBQ the best. My favorite color of any of the Lorna's Laces is Bigger on the Inside - I feel like I buy a skein of it any time I happen across it.
Usually lace and Hexipuffs, but I really want to get back to knitting socks - It's been too long since I knit a pair!
Dang. I had wanted this kit since I saw the first WiP hat picture. Oh, well, life will go on. Hopefully I'll still remember the name of the yarn when it comes out next year ;-) But that bag is so so so perfect too!
Wow - I love the way your Sockhead looks! I'd never know that was a skein of Free Range Chickens by looking at the pic on BMFA's page.
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I don't think I could ever buy it for myself, but the size and shape of the Marlow bag are just perfect!
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I would totally trade you weather right now. Every single person I know is suffering from allergies that a good hard freeze would take care of. It got up to 77 here in N Central TX today; that's just wrong for January. My hot drink of late has been (Stash brand) Decaf Chocolate Hazelnut tea. I'm going to have to look for your Decaf Black Vanilla, it sounds nummy!
Black Sheep Forever! Love the name, love the colors. Now I'm off to buy some (in another color), just because I'm really curious to try the blend ;-) bolsermatic at hotmail dot com
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I'm bi-craftual, but way better at knitting than crochet. Love the look of knitting, and the speed of crochet. Well, very basic crochet, which is the only kind I can do so far ;-)
Toggle Commented May 11, 2012 on Bi-Craftual and Proud of It at knit and tonic
Wow, that's just stunning! Any idea how many balls were used? I tried to find the project on Ravelry but came up empty. I'd love to make something like this for the daughter of a very good friend who is expecting her first baby.
Sigh... My very favorite color combination! It's sure to be stunning!
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Ooh, nifty neato keen! New books! This one has been on my Amazon wish list since the first day I heard about it :-) My current favorite stitch is broken rib. However, after 3 scarves and 2 hats, I might get a little tired of it...
So definitely not a loser! I like the shape! I knit my grandmother a blanket sized Girasole for her 90th birthday this year, and when she opened it, her first words were "Oh, I can put it on the table in the hall!" She put it on her bed while I was visiting, but I'd bet it's on a table right now...
Ugh, no ugly pooling!
We've missed you! That's a lovely new shawl; granted, all of your designs are lovely ;-) As for my favorite vacation, it would have to be when my husband took me to Indonesia to show me where he grew up. We went to several of the islands, I got amazingly sunburned, got to see his parents, his brother (and we were the first people to meet his future bride, although they weren't even dating at the time), got to lay on the beach in Bali, went gold shopping in Jayapura, and got to explore Borobudur temple on the island of Java. I'd love to go back someday...
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I think it's a little mean to put a picture of the Jeanne shawl in your Ravelry ad when I can't buy it ;-) Every time I see the ad, I click on it, thinking "Ooh - I can buy it!" It is a really beautiful shawl, and the color is outstanding.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2009 on Rainy Fridays at Through the Loops!
*Sigh* it's patterns like that that make me wish I could sew. I'm trying, but sewing machines still frighten me.
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