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This is such a deeply flawed change. As someone who both reads stacks of term papers, and reviews manuscripts submitted for publication, this new recommendation will punctuate paragraphs with an immediately noticeable and jarring error at the end of every sentence. My research students are often surprised that I can pick from a page of text the one or two sentences that incorrectly have double spaces at the end of them. While it is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, for those attuned to the flow of the text and who understand the way it should look, the addition of extra spaces is jarring, not helping. So disappointed APA added this in the 6th edition. I'd be amazed if this isn't reversed in the 7th edition though, since it is so poorly thought through.
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You detest Apple's online upgrade process but praise Ubuntu "that I can download from their servers". (You can create an install disk with the Lion download too—it's not difficult to do, and you'll quickly find the instructions online.) You criticize Apple for the fact that Lion can't run on your older hardware. Meanwhile, you prefer Android over iOS, even though iOS 5 runs on three year old hardware whereas most Android phones ship with out of date software and never catch up to the current version, if they are give software upgrades at all. Apple don't claim iCloud is a free service in isolation from their hardware—it's clearly advertised as free for Lion and iOS 5 users. Sure, users of Snow Leopard would rather it was otherwise. If one thing has characterized Apple, however, it's the willingness to not support 2006 machines with their latest offerings, so they are not limited to the capacities of those machines in what they build now. Meanwhile, try running Vista on a 2006 non-professional range laptop and see how you go performance wise. Your hardware preferences are your own, and are perfectly valid. But you are picking and choosing your arguments in inconsistent ways, that are contradictory. Good luck with the book.
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Dec 18, 2011