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I for one am tired of the same old stories on this blog. You are like a harp with 4 strings. It is either about sims disappearing/SL dying, bitcoin, sex and everyone sees SL as a Sex Land, or how VR is not what it is cracked up to be/won't work unless they do this or that. I can almost predict what every post you write is going to be about and it's exact content. Keeping in mind that you often report about sims disappearing, yet you never even mentioned the SS Galaxy the 3 sim cruise ship that had been in SL for 8 years when it closed May 3rd. What community is in SL for 8 years? Not many, yet you didn't even say one word (or at least not that I saw) and it was covered on several blogs/news feeds. I think you have lost touch with your subject in many respects. However I do thank you for posting this article it has finally pushed/convinced me to unsubscribe.
I should have added, the reason you haven't heard much recently is because those that had issues either left SL for other grids or stopped creating until this was changed.
Hamlet, With regard to "If anyone was really that angry at all in the first place. " If you really think that, then you are not in SL very much, or have very little to do with creators. There were meetings with lawyers, several of them were in world and filmed. And I personally know MANY creators that either left SL or at the very least reduced their presence to a shadow of what they had before. Also Renderosity said that NOTHING from their site could be use in SL. This was a large blow to creators as many used textures from the that site. So again to say "If anyone was really that angry at all in the first place." Is HIGHLY inaccurate at the very least, considering that some well known sites put a out right BAN on any of their content being used in SL.
While I agree something should be done (and really NEEDS to be done), I disagree with you on a few points: First I highly doubt the drop off is due to downloading the client. It is only 25mb or so, many many game clients are say 8gig (or more). If they can spend half a day downloading that, downloading SL is a only a eye blink in comparison. Second, yes I agree that most of the people trying are hard core gamers and to be honest there just isn't a way to fix SL to make it work for them. Hard core gamers have requirements that SL just can't hack. Plain and simple. You can add game aspects yes, but to try and think it will appease hard core gamers is just nonsense. There are a lot of games in SL, people just have trouble finding them. Also more game tools would be an advantage, but I have to wonder if that would escalate the griefer situation. It would have to be done very carefully, and last time they added new tools such situations DID happen. Which LL fixed yes, but I suspect we would have more of the same until all the bugs were eliminated. Third, yes the UI needs work but they had something that worked FAR better before with 1.x yes the latest 3.x has great improvements but it is still lacking in several areas. If they added more 1.x elements, with a little more customization, and hiding all the "extra" items not to confuse new users I think they would have a good UI. This would not take a huge amount of development time at all either.
@Tracy It is true you don't have to own land to have a business in SL..however it is true 98% of the time. And in the other 2% then the person only uses Marketplace which, if you recall, DOES use a % fee. LL knows that if they charged any more/added any new fees SL would evaporate almost over night. Creators would throw up their hands and walk (so many are on the edge as it is). And LL would have a nice, huge EMPTY world. Without creators everyone else will eventually leave as well, and they know it. And I have to agree with CronoCloud, the tech is not quite there yet. RIFT is ground breaking because of its price point, but is it something that everyone will actually use? Sadly not. They may want it, they may try it for a bit, then shelve it and go back to their simple 2d games on their phones. Smart phones became ubiquitous because of their portability, power, and ease of use. Rift doesn't have any of that (yet). It had potential, and that is what everyone was excited about. But with the sale to Facebook, that changes the whole game. It went from a dedicated crew that wanted to see the technology develop and thrive to a company that only wants to sell your pictures, likes, friends, knowledge to advertisers. Does this REALLY sound like a company that will drive the technology forward? They are more likely interested in the possibilities of making people buy or share more so they can monetize your likes. I can see with RIFT the LIKE button becomes LOOK. And all you need to do is look at something and Facebook instantly knows, shares it with everyone. Three seconds later you ads for cars, clothes, and Viagra. All when you didn't intend to. Of course I could be mistaken, but I highly doubt it. If a hardware company such as Apple bought it, then I wouldn't be happy, but at least there would be hope. With Facebook, well lets just say I think we will see pink cows flying before RIFT rises from this. I think we have a better chance to see true VR from Google at this point, although Google is still wanting to monetize your metadata, at least they seem to care more about their users privacy than Facebook (at the moment anyway).
No imagination necessary, it would go the way of Cloud Party.
Hamlet, mark my words this will be the death of RIFT. I think Facebook saw it as competition of some sort and just bought Rift to bury it. I hope you liked Rift, because it is the last you will ever see of it until another company comes long...if it ever does. It also tells me that the company were not dedicated to the product, but rather were just making the company to sell. In essence they took us all for a ride.
The ironic thing is Newsweek has already been proven wrong. I think it was Ars Technica that released a story giving details that Newsweek's information about the identity of Bitcoin's creator was very incorrect. I don't have the article handy or I would give the link here.
There are alternatives to Firestorm that have all the features for a updated viewer. Singularity is one, another is Cool VL Viewer. Both of which use the V1 interface. Also people need to understand that viewer count would not only be the common viewers (V3, Cool, Singularity, Firestorm, Phoenix, etc) and the different versions of it (many are updated weekly) then you add every different type of viewer which includes bots, text viewers, phone viewers, homemade viewers, etc. Then on top of that the different versions of them that people haven't got around to updating and you can see quite clearly it is not about people not updating to a particular version of a particular viewer. It is all about open source and the diversity that brings. -DB
I don't think that the amount of people following the facebook page proves your theory. Consider that most of the people I know on facebook don't use their real names at all. I would say half or less use their real names. Granted you can get your account banned, but with Google allowing pseudonymous I think it is only a matter of time before Facebook relaxes a little on that point. And Adeon has a excellent point, even with their RL name you don't have their SL name unless it is posted in their Facebook profile somewhere. Therefore your theory is far far from proved. I personally wouldn't use my RL name. For example it gets very confusing if Aunt Jane see a post by a friend of mine with the name John Konbis34 and wonders who that is. You tell them oh that is just a friend on Second life. Then they say "Second Life? Isn't that a sex world?" Or something to that effect. Sadly many of the mainstream media have given this bad impression in the past (I even recall one reporter calling a skin a "sex suit"). And you end up in a long conversation where you may or may not be able to change their mind as to what Second Life really is. I know people that had this exact issue and started running separate facebook accounts as a result.
While I agree that there are many things they *could* do. It is obvious they don't *want* to. My guess is they don't want to expand and slowly let SL fade away while getting what they can from it now. If you remember SL is technically flawed (buggy) in many aspects. Scaling is one of those. If they were to go back to their peak days, I very much doubt the change since then (mesh, physics changes, stacking 4 sims on to the same server etc) would hold up. The grid would be far more unstable than it is now. Group chat is still buggy after all the development time that went into fixing it and there are less people on SL, it would only get worse with more active users. Just imagine every bug magnified by a factor of 10 or 100. In short they don't want to expand or improve, only do what is necessary to keep the system going while they (slowly) move on to other projects. That is the sad truth. I would love to be proven wrong, but I highly doubt that is possible at this point in time.
For those that doubt is not against the terms of service: While there isn't directly anything saying "begging" I would like to point to: 8.2 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights. (ii) Impersonate any person or entity without their consent, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation, The above is misrepresentation your affiliation for the purpose of acquiring money. And: 8.3 You agree that you will not post or transmit Content or code that may be harmful, impede other users' functionality, invade other users' privacy, or surreptitiously or negatively impact any system or network. (iii) Use robots or other automated means to increase traffic to any Virtual Land; (iv) Engage in malicious or disruptive conduct that impedes or interferes with other users' normal use of the Service; Now granted the accounts may or may not be increasing traffic, dependent upon the settings in the account. But it is disruptive to be in a store see bots that pester for money and you might leave the location just to get away from it. Hence it is interfering with sales of the store owner. So again, this ultimately against the TOS and I would suggest that everyone report every flatterbot they see, stating what is going on and that it is a violation of TOS. They will take action I think. Especially since the owner has said they are making a lot of money off this scheme.
Last I knew begging was against the TOS. Or did they change that clause? If it is still against the TOS, LL should ban the person, delete all accounts on that reason alone since it is a large operation with clear intent to fraud people. Another aspect is the bots are not placed at locations the bot owner owns personally. But rather stores which is almost certain the owner does not give permission nor want bots at their location hounding their customers for money. I know I sure wouldn't.
Well first see if there is a updated driver for your laptop. I know someone that had this issue and that seems to have fixed the problem. However this was a desktop and you may not be able to use the latest NVIDIA drivers and need to contact Alienware to see if they can or plan to update the drivers available. But another thing you can try: NVIDIA drivers often crash if you let external programs handle color correction in Windows 7. Unfortunately, nVidia defaults to that mode. Set both color-correction options (3D and video) to use NVIDIA's settings. It is possible it's the usual 64-vs-32 bit issues. You cannot use 32-bit plugins with 64-bit software, or vice versa. Either way this might help.
Well I am not so certain about "No Negative Impact". You see last week on Thursday the SS Galaxy disappeared. All 3 sims full of prims went poof. We went from 32,000+ prims down to 100 or 200 at most in a eye blink. It was very random as to what was left (or at least it looked random to me). The repair required a rollback of all 3 sims. Now keep in mind this is the first time in 5+ years we have ever needed a rollback. Pathfinder was rolled out on Tuesday, and this happened on Thrusday. Might be a coincidence I don't know, but it sure seems suspect to me. Also we were not the only estate affected. Many around the grid were also impacted. The blog post about it is at If you wish to check it out.
Yes the New date is October 1st, 2012 If you log into Marketplace then click the "My Marketplace" at the top of the screen then drop down "Merchant home" it gives this link: Which then says October 1st 2012. Now why they couldn't make that easier to find I don't know. Or perhaps LL will even do a blog post? Seems like that might be a good place to make such very important announcements?
It is odd that I can run SL without issues and Cloud Party I can't even get into the door. And no this computer is not old it is much younger than the laptops they are "testing/designing" on. And I second they need a log in system separate from facebook as many of us don't have "real" accounts on facebook (as they may delete them, they don't take the name in the first place, or just don't want to be assimilated by the facebook borg) and only have "business accounts" to create facebook pages for specific uses.
What I see as the large problem is not that "they don't see" where tech is going but rather have no idea how to (truly) fix SL in the first place. Sure having a SL that works on a variety of platforms might be a help but they don't even know how to fix group notices so they work every time with every member receiving them much less rework other basics so that what you are discussing can be possible. But then again who would want to fire up a full 3d world just to do something simple such as messaging a friend. Sadly I doubt they would. And unless you have a simple and fast client for mobile use and the full blown one for home use, I don't think it would be much of a help. However, aren't there such 3rd party clients already? And has it helped SL that much? I don't think so. Certainly not to the level you seem to think it would be. In fact I know people that talk with me in SL on their phone with a regular basis and it is very slow response time. But yes it does work. Perhaps that might be different if LL actually made the client, but I have my doubts. :)
I agree that LL is trying. I just hope they listen when issues are brought up. It seems to me that one could set the default aspect of objects to be "obstacles" and avoid the whole issue. Of course I am not on the development team and do not know all the details, but it seems this would be a reasonable compromise? And I figured the settings were via could be done via linkset. I could have been more specific in that regard in my original comment. However, there are a great many builds in SL that are not linked at all. And some are old builds with the creator long gone (not that they would want to redo the build even if they were still active). Also something else to keep in mind is that from what I have seen (and understand) actually setting prims to "obstacles" involves using the edit menu. Which unless something has changed (or in PF it is different), if a object/linkset is no mod you can't change such features. This is another possible problem as many purchased builds and objects that are no mod. Unless of course one is allowed by the parcel system to turn off pathfinding. While this would not be the best solution, it would at least allow people that owned land to use older pre-pathfinding builds without causing a lot of computational resources on the sim. It has been a few weeks since my experience with the Beta, so perhaps it has improved. Although from what I am reading elsewhere the default methodology seems to be the same at the moment.
I have some first hand experience with the Pathfinding beta. Long story short we were placed in the beta by accident and the sims went from 1.00 to .50 time dilation (at best). And .20 at worse. If you jumped when you landed normally you hear a "thud" sound. But in this case it sounded like a machine gun going of THUD-THUD-THUD-THUD for several seconds. When we finally figured out what was going on the sims were revered to the normal SL Server. And I figured it was likely due to the different physics engine and when I was jumping I was landing on prims instead of ground. But here is the really interesting part. Afterward we find out that apparently if the prims on your sim are not set to "obstacles" or aka "non moving" they cause lag. So the fix is to *cough* set all your prims to non-moving or "obstacles". Now keep in mind in a empty sim or new build sure no problem. But in a old build who in the world is going to go though and set 12,000+ prims PER SIM to "obstacle"? I can't imagine why LL is not setting that by default? Most objects don't move, some do yes, but not most. And therefore their thinking is totally backwards. I can only imagine they have only been developing on ground instead of on top of builds (which most of us in SL do). If this beta is released with its current methodology I can tell you that a lot of estates are going to close rather than try to go though and fix the mess.
I disagree. Yes many have not left..YET. But that doesn't mean they *wont* eventually get fed up and leave. There is a tipping point. Or as the old saying goes "the straw that broke the camels back". Just look at all the old sims leaving and I don't think many new "great places" are being built to fill in the gap. Certainly not like the old days. SL is shrinking dramatically (I can think of 7 wonderful places off the top of my head that left in the past 3 months alone). If you push too much in bold new directions you may also loose what you have now. I for one know of several that are near the breaking point with the latest grid issues and will likely leave if they don't improve and soon. Keep in mind that sure some people leaving is not a large issue. But when enough of the core good content creators and sim providers get fed up and leave, who is going to stay in the world that is left? As I said there IS a tipping point, and many are very very close to it now. I am not saying that nothing should be done...but certainly balance it and don't think "we have nothing to loose". Because with that mentality you WILL loose the core people paying the big bucks that keeps LL's lights on and it will bring down SL all the faster.
If I may suggest...have you tried going into the V3 preferences/graphics/hardware button uncheck VBO (vertex buffer objects)? This is the number 1 reason for a viewer crash or other odd situations with viewers (if not 1 then the top 3). And by default it is on 99% of the time. It amazes me so many people have never heard of this setting and why LL turns it ON by default still boggles the mind. In my experience it does nothing but create problems.
SLURL's are invaulable for sending links to people in group chat (or personal IM's). If you click on a SLURL inside a IM/Local chat window you will go there without going to the map system. Granted it pulls up another box asking if you want to teleport but not bad. And using landmarks are usually a two click affair anyway. Actually 3 if you are receiving a new one: accept the LM, click on the LM, then teleport confirm/info box. When I find SLRUL's on blogs or such I copy and paste them into local chat then teleport from there. It is easy to do and only take seconds. And who doesn't use cut and paste in SL all the time anyway? I have also been known to bookmark locations in my browser (Firefox) to visit later. I don't use the built in browser. I suspect most people are doing this instead of going to the map website for the simple reason it is one less click to copy and paste the SLURL in IM/local chat rather than use the map site which unless you are using the build in browser tends to launch the LL viewer. Although this can also depend on which viewer you last installed. Anyway since they are not using the map (using it directly inside SL similar to a LM) your web map traffic results are far from conclusive.
This is very disappointing. Personally I see more and more cases of Joe454353232 And why? When you ask them they say "well I tried for over half a hour trying to get a name that it would allow me to use". That proves that their current system doesn't work and people get frustrated so they add a ton of numbers then get in as a result. How many people just give up on the current system? They cite loosing to many new users and the current system works better, but where are all these new users? Shouldn't SL be really growing then? Sadly all I see is it shrinking. And we were growing with the old system.....granted that is not the only reason but it does make one wonder. Why not do this: Have a first name or name and a option to get a last name from a list IF THEY WANT? That gives the best of both worlds truly does it not? And very simple to do. Just have a slight mention on the site "having trouble getting the first name you want? You can try adding a list name by clicking here ----> Seems like a perfect fix to me. But I guess we will never get it and only see longer and longer and longer names where you have absolutely NO CHANCE of ever remembering.
I have to disagree here. There are many people that don't think mesh is the best thing since sliced bread. Don't care for it, or have trouble rendering a room full of mesh clothes. A lot of people are holding on to the older viewer because it just works better for them. To force mesh on everyone and you will loose people. And lets face it, these days can we really afford to loose good people on the grid? The grid is already shrinking a LOT. Do you want to speed that process even more? I sure don't. If mesh is wonderful, and the best thing ever to you, fine, but please keep in mind that is a OPINION. Not fact. Here is a RL example. Some people have a Porche, or a Viper, or a Mercades. But does that mean that someone with a old truck that can still get around is worse? Keep in mind that Sam Walton drove around in a old pick up truck and was one of the richest men in the USA. Why? Because he choose to. It is what was best for HIM. To not respect others and say "you are behind the times, get a upgrade" or look down upon them because of this is to be quite honest...a bit on the petty side. Perhaps you should read the "Miss Manners" column yourself. ;)