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I think you did the right thing by not disclosing the name of the person, although I think the company name is fair game. In part, it might have removed some of the mystery from the message if the company were named "Email Marketing Lists For Less" or something. This is a terrible message, though. One expects that the person who sent it isn't very happy to be in sales.
Leslie - Great post! I mostly try to ignore the little green underline, but two cases really bug me: 1. It thinks "staff" is a singular, rather than a collective noun, which (on this side of the Pond) we treat as plural. For example, it likes "The staff was tall enough for each soldier to see the flag" but it doesn't like "Customer service staff are frequently trapped between company policy and a desire to do the right thing for the customer." Since service and support professionals are called a dizzying array of names (engineers, agents, analysts, TSEs, CSRs, etc.), I find myself using "staff" frequently. Word always gets it wrong. 2. It thinks passive constructions are wrong. Certainly, there's good reason to prefer the active voice in most cases, but sometimes I choose passive consciously--generally to place the emphasis on what would be the direct object. If I write, "Brand perceptions are mostly created by things that happen outside of a one-to-one conversation between employee and customer," I don't want it to suggest "Things that happen outside of a one-to-one conversation between employee and customer mostly create brand perceptions." A good editor might improve the sentence, but I wrote it that way for a reason. Thanks for letting me vent, David