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I want to read about something I've never thought about before. I want something unexpected. I want to read a story that hasn't been written before, that no one had thought to write before, that I could not anticipate because the writer could not anticipate it. How do you personalize and customize that? What's great about a newspaper are the stories that alter the blindered pace we walk every day. The more content, the more possibilities.
Andrew sez: "It seems that the best use for this island is what it was originally built for: an airport." It was built as an island park in 1925, temporarily used for the Worlds Fair of 1933-34, contemplated as a site for the United Nations, and became the site of Meigs Field in 1948 at the insistence of a newspaper publisher.
This lovely book is actually published by Reaktion Books, which is distributed in North America by the University of Chicago Press. Smart, academic, and certainly not innocent.
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My favorite little-known fact from Dominic Pacyga's book is the story of how anarchist Jean Crones tried to poison three hundred of Chicago's social elite with chicken soup laced with arsenic. Chicken soup for the anarchist's soul . . .
The introduction to Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism by Cathy Gere is available on the University of Chicago Press website.