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David W. Boles
Author and teacher.
Interests: Writing, Publishing, New York, Nebraska, University, Schooling, Vegan, Health, Crime, Urban Core, Semiotics, Medicine, Cities, Immigration
Recent Activity
How to Fix TypePad: 1. Better domain mapping. CNAME is very 1986. Run your own servers. Let us point to them. Then give us Zone File access to set our MX records. 2. Increase the default post title to more than 15 characters. 3. Easier approval/moderation sequence. In "List Comments" view, if I want to view the article with a comment, I have to "edit" the post and then click on the "View Post" link from that edit window. Huh? 4. If I own the blog and I have moderation turned on, I should not have to moderate my own comments. 5. Better membership management. 6. We should not have to ever "republish" anything. Clicking on a "save" button should transparently republish whatever needs to be republished. 7. More robust user roles and more user roles. More powerful admin duties. Less powerful "submitters." 8. I want to easily insert outside URLs to call images. 9. Provide native, robust, search. 10. Provide proper blog web clippings for iPhone users. I can't find a template that allows a save to Home on my iPhone that doesn't look like a big, black, icon with a white band in the middle of it. 11. If Movable Type has it, TypePad should have it first. 12. Clients I advise want a seamless importer for WordPress without using form or functionality -- hard to do right now, I know.
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