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Who cares. The neighborhood was crap for 30 years 1960-1985. The place was empty as it should have been. The Trib marketed the Cubs without winning. Wrigley Field 2nd oldest park in league. Zero Championship won in its history. If they could tear down Yankee Stadium, Comiskey Park, and Tiger Stadium surely they could hang a sign at Wrigley Field. Win something. To the Architectural Critics stay out of this, you don't design or build anything. You just have an opinion. People wil get used to it like the lights, the ivy, the concession stands, etc. The sign will probably be landmarked it 50 years..... BK: No, the sign will be gone in 50 years. And the architecture critics will rejoice because they'll still be speaking out. Do you tell sports writers not to write because they don't play the game? Get a clue.
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Jun 12, 2010