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You shouldnt need to worry about it, Nvidia recently added a cleanup feature to their driver installer. This has been working great for me. If you still feel the need. Read up on that before you use it, you could cause some damage. Try the Nvidia option first, if you have any issues, try driversweeper.
Hey man, how did you fair with this? Everything up and running? You make that initial backup? ;)
On last tip, Windows 7 has a pretty decent backup/recovery mechanism. Once you get reinstalled, get the drivers working, etc, before you install games and all that. Use the backup mechanism to create a fresh install image. Will save you so much time if you ever need to reinstall. Also do regular backups of your system in case you screw things up. I recommend to an external or network drive.
Oh also, I went from Vista 64bit business to Windows 7 Pro 64bit on my gaming machine, and I saw an almost 10% improvement in overall performance. Cheers
You want 64bit for 4GB of ram or great, you want Full not upgrade. I installed Windows 7 Pro on my laptop from 2005, some hardware was not auto detected/installed, but I used drivers from XP and vista, and everything works beautifully. I highly recommend Windows 7.
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Oct 26, 2010