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Feb 20, 2010
Thank you for posting this important article. This subject needs to be seen in perspective. There are currently Troops of every race, religion, color, ethnic group, gender, political party and belief- to include bigots and racists, and sexual orientation. We do not have to like or believe the same way as our fighting men and women. We do not have to even like THEM. We have to acknowledge that they are SERVING our nation, and fighting for FREEDOMS. Some of those freedoms may go against our own personal beliefs or feelings. But that is beside the point. If a person is qualified, and wants to serve, these other perferences should not be part of the equation. It is time to move past this issue and move ahead. There have been many against women and people of color serving. That is now in the past. Change is difficult, but it isn't being a liberal or "politically correct" to understand or believe that difference in opinons or belief is not enough to deny a person the right to serve their country. Whether you believe it or not, they have a right to serve under the constitution and have been and can be great additions to our fighting force.
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Feb 4, 2010
This is a wonderful piece. It is very moving and has relevant and pertinent points! Great job. Thanks so much for supporting Troops and Soldiers and their families. Merry Christmas and God Bless.
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Dec 23, 2009