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i'm a learning professional who's been doing elearning since 1996!
Interests: singing, reading, cycling, hiking, spending time with my friends and making new ones, learning
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Hey Alfred: Thanks for the cite. Regarding your point of disagreement with me, I personally tend to agree with you which I alluded to early in my post when I wrote,"i've never had much of a soft spot for blackboard, nor their business tactics. and their immediate lawsuit against a competitor only hardens my heart towards them." As much as you and I might feel that Blackboard could have acted more ethically or responsibly, the reality is that they are under no obligation to do so. The only recourse you and I have against their behavior is to advocate for new buyers of LMS's to leave Blackboard off their consideration lists and ask that current users of Blackboard and WebCT drop them as soon as possible. The market's recourse against behavior like Blackboard's it to not buy their product. Dave
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2006 on Blackboard's Nuclear Strike at The NOSE
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