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Interesting comments. I bought a timeshare on eBay a few years ago. Basically because we have kids and want to go to DisneyWorld. We also wanted a room with 2 bedrooms at a reasonably nice resort. Well, checking the places such as Residence Inn and some other suite hotels it was going to cost somewhere around $2200 - $2500 for a week. So I looked at Marriott timeshares (because its a brand you can trust with flexible weeks and such, not Joes Timeshares of Florida which you can find for VERY cheap) and bought one for about $7k. With my calculations its going to pay for itself in about 5 - 7 visits. Yes, the question does come up. Also, just visited the Sunterra Resort in Lake Tahoe. What they were selling was around $30K - which comes up to about $1.5 million for the unit (as someone previouslu posted) and about half are lake view. If you check real estate in Lake Tahoe (even without Lake view) that's actually not THAT bad of a deal. (Of course the maintenance fees are another story)
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