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dirty D town
Interests: animal rescue, historic preservation, urban blight
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Apr 5, 2011
This is nothing more than posturing for the 2014 election, a race which IMO should be nonpartisan. There's been plenty of vigorous debate on the PAC2 listserv over the years, but most of it is "nuanced" (to use John Kerry's term) and thoughtful, at least from the libertarian commenters such as Sean Haugh and myself. I don't get why the conservatives always post anonymously. It doesn't help their case.
@shawnmichle: Try again, Forrest. Stupid is as stupid does.
Agreed this is disappointing. I looked at investment properties on Broad and Iredell a while back, but the big footprint of Clements means it could just as easily become a small neighborhood market, medical/professional practice, or a midsize retail establishment in 20 years or whenever Clements decides to move on. In the meantime, a steady stream of clients from OND / Walltown / TP ensures they ain't going nowhere, and their sure-to-be-conventional architecture means it will never get reused as funkily as BSC and the like across the street. I predict minimal opposition from WHH and OWD. Kinda related: the teardowns on Ninth and Broad as you get closer to the old Biscuit King. A long time coming (I lived in the one next to Magnolia as an undergrad and paid $500/mo), but equally sad. The times, they are a changin'.
The proper celebration would be a public apology from the city, a settling of the lawsuit (WITHOUT an increase in my property taxes), and the resurrection of the blue ribbon committee established to investigate DPD wrongdoing in the lax hoax. Unfortunately, the city's insurance carrier nixed the last one when they realised its findings would become fodder during the discovery phase. This is still no excuse for public servants; police corruption affects rich as well as poor, and all deserve an end to police brutality. Oh, and Go Duke!
Looks like they've finally cleared the lot! Now if only I can convince my parents to abandon the Washington Duke.
It's like FreshDirect in NY, or any of a handful of different companies from the dotcom era (e.g., WebVan which I used to work for before they flamed out). So glad this has come to the Triangle, though the $5 fee means I'll go to Sam's instead.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2010 on Agoraphobics Unite at Triangle Mamas
I'd love to redevelop the buffer on the north side of Club, or even better to build affordable multifamily on my side of Club (I own the parcels at Club and Norton). However, it will never fly with my neighbors on upper Norton or the TPNA. A North Hills style redevelopment would have been perfect (though not in this debt climate), or even better a Cameron Village setup since this is the best outcome for "in town" malls IMO. However, the sale of these parcels and the drought in the commercial MBS market means there is no way this is going to happen, unless the Rand/Bowman family sells out. In my hometown of Baton Rouge the new 'neighborhood' Walmarts have started popping up, and they are slaughtering the grocery chains like they did in Kansas City and the other early adopter cities. Northgate is too close to Costco to get a TJs, but I'd happily stop driving up to the Sprawl-Mart on Glen School Rd. if I could have a decent grocery store within walking distance, be it a 'Small-Mart' or one of those new Tesco grocery concept stores. When they start to build these in NC, you can kiss Food Lion and their bleached meat goodbye. My family owns several decaying and mostly vacant shopping centres that had one or two holdout downmarket tenants (mexican buffet, nail salon, pawn shop, etc.). When Walmart started sniffing around, they wouldn't accept a reasonable buyout of their lease so that the entire shopping center could be razed and turned into a success story, such as the Walmart that was erected after the Jackson Ave. housing projects were demolished (it is truly a sight to behold, if you've ever seen the hood depicted in 'Dead Man Walking' now replaced by affordable new semi-detached houses). The net result? The tenants' refusal to vacate and allow Walmart to take over the whole block brought a continuing slow decline similar to what happened on the former Kmart site on Roxboro (which has been saved only by the arrival of Compare Foods). Now even the mexican buffet has closed, and the most likely future will be a sea of 10,000 sq. ft. concrete slabs, or as a giant writeoff / tax shelter if we donate it to the city for green space or a flea market. I'll be at Northgate's 50th birthday party next year, and I hope someone such as Simon / CBL comes with a buyout offer. The problem with family owned businesses is that when they get to the scale of Northgate Associates, they start to make economic decisions that are made in a vacuum relative to their publicly owned competitors. This is *why* there aren't any family owned shopping centers anymore -- wealthy families in America tend to go from rags to riches to rags in about three generations (75 years) unless they bring in new blood.