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Second Life, OpenSims
Explorator Numericus Metaversis
Interests: Second Life, Opensim
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Sad news indeed...
The Doudiblog squad does such big themed scene shooting very frequently ! It's mad and beautiful ! :)
I got: Furry/animal hybrid! What a surprise ! ;) Nice SL quizz indeed !
I am astounded to see how normal this seems to from a US perspective. Miss Kazan buyed the things she took a picture of in SL. She publiched it on her own Wordpress and said nothing against anyone. The creator ot the robotic arms took it bad that it's store name was not mentionned and wrote up a DMCA notice against someone who had buyed the product !!! I stay whith Miss Kazan on this case, I will boycott Irene Abbot's products and warn people against buying from her shop. If Irene Abbot can legally be a pain in the ass, it still make her a mediocre person, and someone I will not buy anything from !
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Apr 23, 2015
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Apr 23, 2015
Sad to see him go away so young. Condolences to his friends and relatives.
Je suis amusé de voir à quel point certains posts sur JOL sont vite modérés par rapport à d'autres. Voyez en images le post qui à disparu plus vite que son ombre : Continue reading
Posted Jul 13, 2014 at DD Ra
Pour répondre à cette question de mon ami Harlock, la communauté francophone à bien changé depuis 2006-2007. Les anciens de l'Area, comme nous, sont partis, ou restés, mais nos intérêts, des temps et des heures de connections différentes nous ont éloignés. On a fait nos vies dans SL ou hors... Continue reading
Posted Jul 2, 2014 at DD Ra
I totally agree with you Hamlet, but Reddit is quite a place in itself, and I'm not very used to it. I'll try to speak of it in the small french speaking community.
I have to add that Daniel Voyager is posting very regularly and about Opensims too!
I second Kim Anubis, Tateru's blog is very good, and at time like now, were she does less posting, we are waiting for it !
1920's Berlin is a place to visit on SL, both because of the incredibly immersing atmosphere, and because it's a very welcoming place. It's a good place for cool roleplay in a polite and non violent (and historical) atmosphere too !
Mon Youtube Mes vidéos sur Youtube Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2012 at DD Ra
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Oct 21, 2012
Shared Creative Spaces? You mean several person opening a document in Goggle Docs, Hamlet ? ^_^ I think it as nothing to do with terms, but with a dire reality : circa 2006-2007 SL has known a buzz that flooded LL with money. At high level, they took that for granted, and since then have lost contact with their community, the real gold of SL. SL is about community, immertion, identity and creativity, that's why the term Metaverse seems to be more appropriate for me. The problem is, people want high ROI and need hipe words to "sell" it... they refuse to see that each well earned dollar means having to work... or to steal from someone.
Content de te voir aller si bien à l’occasion d'un coucou en passant ^_^ Bises :)
Coucou Laety, J'ai un peu déserté les halls vide de typepad ou nous nous rencontrions parfois, mais j'ai pu voir dans tes derniers posts que tu allais bien. Comme toi je suis dans un dynamique positive en ce moment, et ça fait du bien ^_^ Grosses bises ! PS : superbe cette deuxième vidéo !
"what it says about the power of virtual, pseudonymous community" So true ! Thanks for reporting this ! ^_^
Nice metaphor Skylar, but there is a catch: SL in a MacDonald where you come and eat for free... and the sim and mainland owners are footing the bill for everyone(...with some help from those who buy or sell L$ and marketplace merchants). And to push the metaphor, SL is a big MacDonald, when the Opensims offer you all the differents cuisine styles you may want. And now, with Hypergrid, you can bring your bottle from your home sim to another nice Opensim restaurant ! You can cook at home too with your sim on a stick (with or without marshmallows!). SL is mainstream, but the hipsters (creators, artists, educators...) have gone or are going away... and what's hype now is the mainstream of tomorrow, isn't it ?
Ben ça fait plaisir de lire que tout va bien. Et c'est pareil pour moi, y compris pour le froid, mais ça me gène pas trop, chez moi c'est bien chauffé et j'aime bien les soirées au chaud quand il fait froid dehors ^_^ Have fun and take care !
Héhé coucou Laeti :) Si tu joue à Skyrim écoute donc ça : Bises ^_^
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