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This is an interesting time for oil. There could be a scenario where fracking is overplayed and will not be able to scale up from here profitably. Meanwhile conventional extraction and exploration are suffering from a lack of investment and is declining. So the price of oil could continue to increase over the next 3-4 years making EVs even more attractive.
The rate of charging is key here. It alleviates the dependency on a large capacity battery. Like a 10 gallon tank vs 15, You just have to fill up more frequently (assuming there are charging stations at that point). Definitely echo the concerns on cost and cycle frequency though.
Not sure if there is confusion. This is the cost to power the block heaters.
My concern with fuel cells is that it may have a distribution model much closer to that of gasoline, with no opportunities to move to a lower fuel when prices get high. At least the electricity distribution model seems to end up with a more reasonable and consistent price for fuel. Not perfect, but better.
I think many share the spending concern but ejj's analysis and comments come across as childish and shallow.
Beware! Luddites on the site. Obama will make a difference with this.
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Nov 23, 2009